iCCup to launch a Nation Wars league

Posted by Lukasz "McBat" Grzelak at 25 June 2011 01:54

It has been a while since the last Nation Wars league was organized in the StarCraft: Broodwar community but the time has come for another event of that sort to reappear in the scene. iCCup will be the one in charge of running it in the near future.

The iCCup Nation Wars league is set to start on July 5th and is planned to be carried out during almost the entire summer, til the last days of August. The iCCup administration has gathered at least 11 nations so far to participate in the league and is preparing a show that will hopefully satisfy the audience's expectations. This will include countries like Canada, Poland, United States, Chile, Russia and Peru.

The event is still in the planning phase so there are a few details that remain unknown such as the number of teams or the time scheduled for casting.

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