ISL2 announced

Posted by Marius "LML" Zächer at 22 June 2011 19:47
The ISL2 has just been announced and is going to start into its ladder phase on June 30th.


After the ISL has ended some while ago and left the US-American Terran player Scan as the victor, the second edition has just been announced as the Kaal's International StarLeague.
The ISL2 is going to start into it's one month long ladder phase starting next week on June 30th, and will not end until the end of July.
108 players will qualify for the next round, of 96, which is going to be played in the MSL Survivor style, meaning four people per group, with only two advancing, winning, basicly having a winner's and a loser's bracket, aswhere the top twelve from the ladder will directly be seeded into the round of 64, together with the 48 players who advanced from that previous round and four invited players.
While the round of 96 is going to be played within the time between August 6th and August 27th, the round of 64 will happen afterwards, starting on September 7th and being played over six weeks, with the grand finale happening on October 8th.

The prize pool will not contain any less than $1500 and is thrown together by KaalVeiten,, KoS-Templar, EleGant[AoV], rUSKIG, Trap, Megashira[AoV] and a1k1a4k1.
The organization is being taken care of by LRM)Game, as in the previous ISL, who is backed up by a team of six more people for the counter abuse.

To sign up you have to create a new iCCup account containing the ISL2 tag infront and then join the Kaal's ISL Team with that account, but do not start laddering before the appropriate time, or you might face disqualification.
Another notable rule is that you cannot play the same person on ladder more than twenty times within that month.

For further rules, statements of some of the sponsors and exact dates for each rounds check out the according TeamLiquid thread.

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