FTZ takes SMM's second qualifier

Posted by Terrence "MrBlue" Wong at 22 June 2011 14:12

The second qualifier for SMM's Grand Final tournament has concluded with FTZ taking the championship title home.

The Penang qualifiers were held in FTZ Cyber Cafe and it so happens that the winning team is a team sponsored by the cafe itself which makes the win that much more satisfying.

With their win in the qualifiers, the team is now qualified and seeded directly into the Grand Finals. Teams in second, third and fourth placing team are also qualified for the Grand Finals but will not be seeded.

Penang Qualifiers
ChampionsMalaysia FTZRM2000 (~ 660 USD)
First Runners upMalaysia PPRM1000 (~ 330 USD)
Second Runners upMalaysia CCTRM600 (~ 200 USD)
Fourth PlaceMalaysia NetCityRM300 (~ 100 USD)