Ribbon Classic tournament

Posted by Lukasz "McBat" Grzelak at 22 June 2011 11:22
Tournaments that draw from the old days experience when StarCraft: BroodWar was a fresh new game is not new to the scene. Nonetheless, the Ribbon Classic tournament is going for it once again as it reaches really deep into the days when StarCraft as an e-Sport game was taking its first steps.

The tournament, which will start on July 2nd, is a sponsored event with a total of $70 in prize pool. Participation will be invitational only, determined by the organizers so there is no option for players to register.

Maps in the map pool are more than 10 years old and were popular back then. The map pool comprises of: Ragnarok, Jungle Story, Hall of Valhalla, Legacy of Char and Neo Blaze. Note that the maps are not perfectly balanced and are different than the ones that people play these days but that would probably add more spice to the competition.

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