Team Reign Formed, Team House to Open Later This Year

Posted by Roy "Phantom" Kwan at 15 June 2011 05:42

VT Gaming has announced their new StarCraft 2 team, Team Reign. Along with new recruits SLush and KiWiKaKi, Team Reign will be residing in a new pro team house in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The new pro team house is scheduled to be open later this year. Spades is team captain of Reign while KiWiKaKi, SLush, Phoenix, and Fayth fill out the rest of the team thus far. KiWiKaKi, SLush, and Fayth are all ex-ROOT members while Phoenix, better known as PhoenixWerra, is their first Korean recruit.

Spades states that in his 3 months in Korea, he had learned a lot about how Korean teams operate. With this new venture in a pro team he states that the goal of Team Reign is, "to fuse the structured professional training regimen of Korea, and couple it with the promotional machine of western E-Sports."

Team Reign
UnitedStates Spades
Canada KiWiKaKi
Canada SLush
SouthKorea Phoenix
Canada Fayth

The original post on leaves two TBD spots in their roster list leaving two more possible additions in the days to come.

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