A short talk with Lacoste.

Posted by Juelv "Heartz" Cayago at 08 June 2011 16:25
Mineski conducts a short interview with Dominik Stipic, or as we all know him, OK.Nv.Lacoste. We talk about his departure from MYM, his experience with his new team and more about himself.

Good evening, it's such pleasure to talk to one of the most experienced players from the western part of the DotA scene. Can you introduce yourself to the readers?
"The pleasure is mine :) Im Dominik Stipic also known as Lacoste. I'm playing for Online Kingdom!"

Congratulations on that, people mostly know you because you were in MYM. How was it like being with them? Do you still keep in touch with the players and management?
"Well I played DotA for a long time before I joined MYM, but when you join such a big organisation, you get more attention and fans! Playing in MYM was a great experience for me, mostly because I improved a lot by playing with them! They are all great guys and I don't have a single bad word to say about them! Yeah, I still keep in touch with them but mostly with Ange (manager)! :D"

Well enough about them, lets get back to you. How is your relationship with the Quack and team mates?
"Donald is such a great and funny guy, even though he sucks at picking! His words are normally "I think [insert any hero] is good here":(( Fear is also awesome, kind of a asslicker (I guess Americans are like that, <3 Demon) We are having so much fun together and thats what matters! :)"

We recently heard that Online-Kingdom.Nirvana lost one of their players, let's wait and see who will play for them in the future.

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