MLG Columbus : Group B

Posted by Bryan "Micro" Wood at 01 June 2011 22:06
The second event of the 2011 MLG Circuit is only a few short days away, and with the full player list announced minus one from a Korean tournament going on. It gives us the chance to look at the four groups up close and decide who can come out on top and what may shock some people.

There are a lot of people that are calling Group C the group of death, and that's a very true statement. Though if you take a closer look at the players this group is quite close and could actually become the group you have to watch. A Courage winner, IEM EU winner, two time second place MLG finisher, a Legend killer and the nicest human on earth.


He's been a major part of almost every final so far for MLG and I doubt that this fact will change anytime soon no matter what group he gets put into. Though so far this year, he's only taken a second place finish in the major tournaments he enters. Though this is the road to the finals and it's not going to be an easy one for this very creative Canadian.

He managed to go 4-0 in his group until the eventual winner, NaNiWa made it out of the open bracket to face him and give him his first loss. KiWi only has to deal with Zerg and Terran unless the open bracket that joins is a Protoss. He's a genius at PvP but he gets the chance to shine when people aren't able to deal with his unorthodox style. He will either come out first or second in his group, and he could easily make his way to the finals again.


Formerly known as AllAboutYou (if you were wondering what happened to him), he has a long history with StarCraft. A former Courage winner in BroodWar (he could have gone pro, but school came first) and like SeleCT a very scary Terran who hangs around on the North American server. He has improved leaps and bounds since joining up with FXO and I'm interested to see how he'll do in this group because of his style.

Along with NaNiWa he was the only player who managed to make it out of the Open Bracket out of Dallas to breach into the top 8. With the player list that will be coming through the open bracket this time around that might be more of the story than the groups. Then again, with someone like Moonan who has a very abusive style, if you're not ready for him you'll be dead before you can react. He has the skill to take first in the group, but something in my tells me that he'll be fighting for 3rd while another Korean battles for first.


If you ever wanted to see one of the best Terrans from each server all in the same group, this is something to behold. SjoW has adapted his style so much from months ago when he would never scout, and would still almost never lose. He showed his dominance earlier this year at the IEM Europe Championships taking down White-Ra in the finals. This will be a return visit for SjoW having almost taken top 4 with his two other team mates.

He managed to keep his seed once again which puts him straight into these group brackets and only 16 people will keep their spot. He's always a very constant player that has builds set and timings ready. Much like Moonan, I would love to see him arise to the top of the group but based on the previous MLG and this group he'll be 3rd or 4th.


Known as probably the nicest StarCraft2 player to have ever installed the game and went onto the ladder. Sheth is someone who for a while people weren't paying any attention to, then he made his way out of the open bracket to the top 16. That shocked a lot of people and since then he's only become more well known and a hell of a better game. I'm interested to see what his practice would be like with a fellow teammate in his group.

Out of everyone in this group, he's the black horse and I think he knows that as do the rest. His NASL record is such that he can still make it out of his group in either first or second and one of the losses was to KiWiKaKi. As I said before, he's a wild card in this group and while he may not win it he could setup an interesting situation for the top.


He managed to get known to the world through the GSTL as he was having issues with the main GSL tournaments. Finally making his way through Code A after some time, but it's still his GSTL performances that have put him into star status. An almost reverse all-kill, and was the ace winner in both of the back-to-back GSTL SlayerS wins. He knows how to deal with pressure and it'll be interesting to see how he does in America.

We finally get to see one of the scariest Terrans on the planet in a group with a top Terran from Europe and North America. The eyes will be on those mirror match-ups, but if MMA counts out any of the players in his group he could find himself in a bad situation. Though will all of that said, we should see MMA and KiWiKaKi battling in Group B for first, and either of them could win the whole thing.