All eyes on DotAlicious - co-head administrator Aussie talks

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 26 May 2011 23:01
In the wake of the latest hacker attacks at Garena, more and more independent clients get in the spotlight of DotA boards and news. One of the most aspiring projects, addressing players of all skill levels is the DotAlicious Gaming Client, which advertises with a reconnection service, fast hosting, comprehensive games and statistics feature among others.

Until now, DLG recieved the least media attention among the various gaming platforms; a fact that changed with their latest interview, starring one of the main developers and administrators of DotAlicious, Aussie.

In the new feature, the 28-year-old spoke at length about various topics around his project and the people involved. When asked how the player base of DotAlicious evolved throughout its existence, Aussie answered:
Our player base has increased from under a thousand registered to over 30 thousand. Our games per day used to be under 10. We hit a milestone the first time we had 100 games in a single day. Now we are close to averaging 1000 games per day. This is only counting completed games. Not the games that for one or another reason didn't finish. ....

He further provides a detailed description about how the players get distributed effectively, according to their skill levels in the public channels.
... as long as you behave you pretty much are guaranteed to be able to play in SL1. This is how we want it. Everyone should be able to play somewhere regardless your skill ...

...if you are low skilled you shouldn't need to play with players way better than you so you constantly get crushed. This is why if you are SL2 or SL3 we deduct exp from you if you play SL0. SL2 is a little harder to get into. Anyone even semi decent should be able to get it without a problem still though ....

DLG Skill Level Distribution
PenaltiesWin ratio in %Games playedDLG Rank
SL1less than 1 penalty per 20 games40% or higherat least 10
SL2less than 1 penalty per 100 games48% or higherat least 50top 17% of all players
SL352% or higherat least 75top 4% of all players

... the top 150-200 players are in the top 4%. We constantly adjust these numbers so that SL3 has around 150-200 people and SL2 has about 500-600 Leaving SL1 open for everyone else. ...

our exp is calculated by the a complex system. simply put it averages out the exp of each team and calculates the skill difference. Then assigns a exp worth of the game to each team if they win or loose. A stacked high skilled team vs a low team might be playing for 2 exp while the lower skilled team can win up to 100. Realistically it usually looks more like 10 vs 50.

After touching the topic DARER, the lengthy interview rounds off with a very teasing description of a unique broadcasting system, which is soon to be implemented on the client.
... Until then we are using waaagh since it's automated and easily Incorporated into our client. From there casters like 5-s can tune in and in turn stream the game on owned tv like we did our tournament 2 days ago along with our caster audio for commentary giving users the option to listen to the cast on owned tv but to choose whether the visuals will be form their own wc3 using waagh or on a web based stream like owned tv ...

For the full interview check out the link below.