BP become OK.Nirvana

Posted by Matt "Blue_Knight" J at 17 May 2011 20:37
“Together we will rule online gaming!” was their battle cry, when the news of the merger between the Chinese juggernaut Nirvana, and the European e-Sports organization Online-Kingdom, was announced last month.

Many eyebrows were raised at that emphatic statement of intent, and its fair to say that everyone has been curious to see what would be born from the partnership. While they could not reveal any specific details then, team manager Morten “ZexTar” Knudsen promised us all one thing: whichever European team the newly formed OK.Nirvana would recruit would compete with the elite.

The time for waiting is over, and we can reveal that Browned Potatoes are the European team that will take up the OK.Nirvana mantle. With a proven track record of success in e-Sports between the two organizations, and the competitive experience of team managers ZexTar and Loveen, the addition of a European DotA team of such incredible talent can only signify that there are exciting times ahead.

Statement from Ducky, team captain:

-”Alright, first of all I will admit it: I do love Browned potatoes - a lot! But what I like even more are possibilities, which OK has provided us with: the possibility to become competitors on an international level, which is something we have been eager to be for quite some time now.

This team is looking forwards, our aim will not be easily reached, but we will fight and keep fighting to get there. We wish to compete with all the DotA teams in the world, and we wish to come out victorious. There are probably, at this moment, many who won't believe we are capable of doing so right now, and boy, I do agree, we still have far to go, but today we got one step closer to reaching our goal.

OK will provide [us with] opportunities that ensures that we as a team will evolve, so the rest is up to the players. I do believe we have what it takes the only thing left is to prove to the world that I'm right. I been called arrogant and overconfident, and damn straight I am arrogant when it comes to the game, [because] believing in your team is everything, and if I didn't, where the hell would I be then?

I hope our fans and supporters will keep rooting for us in the times to come; I will do my best to make this team into something you all can be proud of, and my teammates support me in this matter. It is still uphill from here on in, but we aren't quitters, so watch out, because we will be reaching out for glory - we do aim to become true competitors once again.

Thank you to OK for giving us this unique chance, thank you to our supporters and fans, and thank you Fear, Lacoste, S0ny and neNo- for being great team mates. Peace out – Ducky.”

Statement from ZexTar, team manager:

-“On behalf of OK.Nirvana, Loveen and myself, I'm very proud to be able to confirm that Browned Potatoes will be the European team who take up the OK.Nirvana tag. They share the same goals and aspirations we do for DotA as an e-Sport, and we're all too happy to be able to provide them with the means to help us mutually achieve those goals. We're going to expecting great things from this partnership as we set out on a special venture.”

OK.Nirvana Roster
Denmark Andreas 'Ducky' Søgaard (captain)
United States Clinton 'Fear' Loomis
Germany Angelo 'neNo-' Caula Gonzales
Romania Adrian 'S0ny' Sebastian
Croatia Dominik 'Lacoste' Stipic

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