MSDL 2011

Posted by Juelv "Heartz" Cayago at 14 May 2011 16:07
The most prestigious online DotA league in the Philippines is back. They started with 256 teams, now lets see which are the chosen few to compete in the new season of the Mineski League.

MSDL Qualified Teams
Philippines Battle GroundsPhilippines SweetopiaPhilippines KensurfPhilippines Town Portal
Philippines Nayrb GamingPhilippines ShoturdayPhilippines 1UPPhilippines Exellon
Philippines Playing with NoobsPhilippines TheosPhilippines DreamSoftPhilippines Jimbers
Philippines DotAMastersPhilippines KosaPhilippines EmotionsPhilippines Stigma

These teams have proven themselves to be the most worthy out of all the teams in the Philippines because they have show professionalism and displayed excellent skill all throughout the tournament. Winning each of their respective brackets, they have qualified to play in the regular season. However, only ten teams may advance to the play-offs.

MSDL Invited Teams
Philippines LatosPhilippines ExecrationPhilippines 2011Philippines Republic of Gamers
Philippines MineskiPhilippines IntraPhilippines DreamzPhilippines Dota Kings

These top teams have been invited to join the rumble in the regular season. Four teams have been invited from MSDL 2010, and the other four have been invited from MPGL 2011. We will see a lot of 6.72b action from these top teams.

Mineski Online Events Team will transfer the league from Garena to Ranked Gaming Client (RGC) for the new season. They will create a private channel for the tournamement participants only, in the hope that the stability of RGC will bring about a better level of competition between them.

The event will be covered by; stay tuned for upcoming Gosubets and updates in the future. See the links for more details and match schedules.

Links - MSDL Regular Season - MSDL PlayDay1 - MSDL Official Gaming Client