Mushi confirmed to visit the Philippines

Posted by Gama Rae "paeijwei" Comaingking at 06 May 2011 20:55
Chai Yee Fung, considered as one of the best DotA players in Southeast Asia, is set to arrive in Manila for a tournament on May 23, and stay for a series of activities brought to you by Mineski International Inc.

The new MuFc captain will also be playing in the mid-season of Mineski Professional Gaming League (MPGL) along with four mystery players that will be revealed on the 22nd of May.

The Mineski organization will host community activities a week before the league which include team match-ups, private trainings, exclusive photo shoots and fan signings.

This is a rough guide of what they have in store for DotA players and fans alike:

May 22 (Sunday)- Mineski organization will reveal Mushi's official roster for the upcoming league.
May 23 (Monday)- Mushi-fest tournament on Mineski Grounds open only for 16 decent and unranked teams.
May 24 (Tuesday)- Mushi-fest tournament on Mineski Infinity open only for 32 decent and unranked teams.
May 25 (Wednesday)- Rest day
May 26 (Thursday) - Mineski Development League Professors and Students showdown against his team.
May 27 (Friday) - Rest day
May 28 (Saturday) - Mineski Pro Gaming League Season 3 Leg 5 Qualifiers
May 29 (Sunday) - Mineski Pro Gamin League Season 3 Leg 5 Day 2 Championship

This is sure to be a milestone in Philippine DotA gaming history. Good job (in advance) to Mineski.

Links - for more details on Mushi's visit