18:00 CET: BP versus Na`Vi in ROCCAT DotA Gosucup 3rd place decider

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 19 April 2011 03:31
GosuGamers' very own DotA tournament has hit its final week. Playing today at 18:00 CET will be Browned Potatoes and Natus Vincere for an honorable third place.

Europe BP's way
Europe BP<>United States vTGI - Round 1
Europe BP<>Brazil paiNGI - Round 2
Europe BP<Brazil paiNGI - Tiebreaker
Europe BP>United States vTGI - Tiebreaker
Europe BP<Brazil paiNGII - Round 1
Europe BP>Greece EnDsGII - Round 2
Europe BP<>Ukraine Na`ViGII - Round 3
Europe BP>Brazil paiNGII - Tiebreaker
Europe BP<Europe GGnetPlayoffs - Semi

Browned Potatoes
As a seeded team, BP were exempt from qualifiers and thus made their first steps in the cup on tough ground, playing against two American teams who eagerly waited to challenge European DotA and propitiate their communities. The battles were tough and even, forcing tiebreakers in both group stages. EnDs and today's opponent Na`Vi joined the international squad, which also had to undergo roster changes in the second group stage. For the pillars Santa and Fear came neNo and S0ny, who seemed to enjoy their time in the new environment. BP finished second to Na`Vi in group B2, and advanced to face GGnet in the semi-final where they achieved a victory in the first game. Despite the personnel changes, Ducky and Co. maintained their position among the best in Europe and delivered their best performances against the toughest of opponents. Whether the aggressive Na`Vi is too much for them to handle will soon be seen.

Ukraine Na`Vi's way
Ukraine Na`Vi>Czech Republic YGQ1 - Quarter
Ukraine Na`Vi<France VirusQ1 - Semi
Ukraine Na`Vi>Europe GamelineQ2 - Quarter
Ukraine Na`Vi>Europe NFQ2 - Semi
Ukraine Na`Vi>Greece EnDsQ2 - Final
Ukraine Na`Vi>Poland inFGI - Round 1
Ukraine Na`Vi>France VirusGI - Round 2
Ukraine Na`Vi<>Denmark MYMGI - Round 3
Ukraine Na`Vi>Greece EnDs GII - Round 1
Ukraine Na`Vi>Brazil paiN GII - Round 2
Ukraine Na`Vi<>Europe BP GII - Round 3
Ukraine Na`Vi<Russia M5.Garaj Playoffs - Semi

Natus Vincere
The back then freshly founded Na`Vi bit into the ROCCAT GosuCup like no other team. Having reached the semi-final of the first qualifier already, the Ukrainians were only one game away from qualifying on their first attempt. It was Virus who disrupted the plan after an unforeseen drop from Dendi beforehand. Na`Vi didn't step back, however, and signed for the consecutive qualifier in which the team pulled off a perfect series to reach the desired group stage. Established and feared as one of the most offensive teams worldwide, the Ukrainians marched through both group stages in dominating fashion, scoring 14 out of 18 possible points. It was M5.Garaj who put a stop to the steam train, after a semi-final series that won't soon be forgotten. Na`Vi enters the showdown as the favorite, though several teams have shown in the past how to thwart the fast Ukrainians.

The winner of this match will receive five ROCCAT Apuri USB-Hubs as the prize. The observer team will consist of a WTV streamer as well as our very own 5-s, who is set to provide a video stream and audio commentary on the front page. Don't miss it!

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