Mineski teams up with ASUS.

Posted by Juelv "Heartz" Cayago at 10 April 2011 11:58
One of the biggest and most advanced computer hardware producers in the world teams up with the most recognized eSports organization in the Philippines. As Mineski officially partners up with ASUS, let us see what both parties have to offer.

ASUS Philippines has already announced its official partnership with the well known gaming organization in the Philippines, Mineski. Both organizations will fully support electronic sports by helping each other through the formation of their official Defense of the Ancients(DotA) team.

Plus, a former player from the original line up of Mineski-DotA returns to join the team - it is none other than Tony 'ynot' Senedrin, who played in the carry role for Mineski in years past. Hoping for outstanding results, Mineski and ASUS plan to send the team to various local and international competitions to showcase their talent.

To further add insurance on Mineski and ASUS achieving its goals, they will also gladly aid the the Philippine Powerhouse HappyFeet.Mski and will now be named as HF.Mski.ASUS. They are composed of the same players that went well since Happyfeet came off.

Mski.ASUS Roster:
Philippines Richard 'Paseo/chad' Minowa

Philippines Jessie Cristy 'JessieVash*' Cuyco
Philippines Carlo 'Chin' Rivera
Philippines Nur Ameen 'nrrrrr' Omar
Philippines Ralp Gabriel 'Rg' Garcia
Philippines Tony 'ynot' Senedrin (Stand-in)

HF.Mski.ASUS Roster:
Philippines James Kenneth 'wootz' Valdez

Philippines Julius 'Julz' Deleon
Philippines John 'littlejohn' Roxas
Philippines Joshua 'Owa' dela Serna
Philippines Ralph Richard 'rr' Peñano

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