SjoW replaces BoxeR in DreamHack's Stockholm Invitational - Interview

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 10 April 2011 00:20
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DreamHack has just announced that Yo Hwan "BoxeR" Lim will not be attending the Stockholm Invitational in the upcoming week due to an acute enteritis. Filling the empty spot in the bracket is the fellow Terran player Jeffrey "SjoW" Brusi.

While SjoW (#49) is the more merited player in StarCraft 2, some fans are already raging on the missed opportunity to see BoxeR (#183) at the event. The replacement, SjoW, is fully aware of their feelings.

- "I know a lot of people was looking forward to go and see BoxeR. It wouldn't surprise me if some people bought their tickets just to see BoxeR because he's such an legend and a icon for esports," says SjoW.

- "I was planning to go and spectate event to see some awesome games and cheer for Jinro and Boxer. Now that Boxer can't participate I feel like I have alot of pressure on myself to do good and show that I'm worthy of his spot," says SjoW.

Do you think you have a disadvantage by not having as much time as the others in preparing for the event?

- "A slight disadvantage because it came in such a short notice. I might even have an advantage because I wont have to travel as far as some players and get jetlagged. But its really hard to prepare for such an event because the races are very balanced and u cant really practice for a single matchup."

- "I think the winner of this tournament will probably be whoever is in best shape and daily shape - MC is the favorite tho, but the top is very even right now anyone can beat anyone."

You will now be going up against HuK, who I believe you have only played "officially" once (GosuGamers King of the Hill). What are your thoughts on going up against him?

- "Huk is a tough opponent for sure, but anyone in this tournament is. I'm not sure who has the upper hand, the games I've played against him was a long time ago and both I and huk have became much better players since then. My TvP currently isn't that good but I'm gonna practice it a lot right before this tournament so I'm confident I will step it up for the tournament."

The event will be covered by traditional media in Sweden, the biggest newspaper Aftonbladet will even livestream the whole event. How does that feel to se e Sports get this sort of recognition?

- "Yeah I'm very glad something is actually happening to eSport in Sweden. I hope it will be a great success and I will do my best to get more interest into eSport. Who knows, in the near future it might actually be called a real sport and might be because of this event."

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