Grubby Goes Solo

Posted by Bryan "Micro" Wood at 05 April 2011 05:56
It was reported on April 1st on the Evil Geniuses website that their WC3 division would be shut down, and in turn have Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen no longer on their roster. Many people were confused about this move and the speculations began on where he would go, we found out just before MLG Dallas got underway.

With more achievements than some teams combined in WarCraft 3, Grubby is going to be trying to not only splash into StarCraft 2 more than what he already has, but take it like he did with WC3. It was announced on April 2nd that Grubby would be teaming up with SteelSeries to begin becoming a one man team like the Ukrainian player White-Ra.

Grubby stated in the interview he did on his own website that he would add another player to the roster but as Grubby put it; it would have to be a mannered, professional, talented and hard-working player. With more people getting sponsored personally and more teams getting their due, the future of SC2 is looking brighter than ever before.

GosuGamers will also be conducting an interview with Grubby over the next few days, so if there are any questions you want asked leave them in the comments below.

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