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Posted by Juelv "Heartz" Cayago at 01 April 2011 22:34
See what the captain of FEARZ DotA has to say about his team getting back together after a short period of inactivity by some members. bonzajajaj shares a little bit of his personal life with his fans, in an interview by a well known russian site,

Editor's Note: This is an English translation of his interview; follow the link below for the original interview.

Hello, please introduce yourself.

Yo, I'm bonzajajaj, leader and captain of FEARZ-eSports. I'm a Swedish guy and I'm 20 years old. I'm currently unemployed so I have lots of spare time.

So how did you get the nickname “bonzajajaj”?

My nickname actually comes from a few years back, when my mother insisted that I had to have some kind of flower or plant in my room. I ended up getting a bonsai tree, and I kind of liked the “bonsai” name. I evolved it a bit to “bonzaj”, and then later it became “bonzajajajaj”.

Your team [FEARZ] has reinstated the old roster. What are the reasons for this?

Well, we had a bad period when we lost our motivation, and we didn't have very good results. So we (wall-eater and I) decided that we had to make some changes, and since we both enjoy playing with fishbone and pinoy, it was a obvious choice to invite them, and with Henke it's just... We really needed a very strong solo player, and we had been playing with a lot of Swedes and discussed who would fit best, and it ended up to be henkepro.

It seemed that Pinoy with Loda were going to revive SK.DotA. Do you know why they still have not done so?

Well, the rumor that they would revive SK.Dota is pure bullshit, but it's true that they tried to form a team, since they enjoyed playing together. But since they couldn't find a proper line-up in terms of skill and sociability, it simply didn't happen. And pinoy missed his old team-mates.

Your old team (which is also the present roster) showed good results in 2010. Can you repeat the success?

We definitely think and hope we will be able to show some nice results in 2011 as well.

Tell me about your real life. Where do you study and work? Does it get in the way of you playing DotA?

Well, at the moment I am unemployed, but I'm actually searching for a full-time job. As for studying part, I think I've done enough, at least for now.

What are you hobbies and interests?

Football (soccer) is a huge hobby of mine. I'm a football coach in my spare time, although it takes up a lot of time.

How many hours a day do you spend at the computer?

Well, during the week if, I'm not spending time with my girlfriend or if I have football training, I pretty much spend all my time in front of my computer. But during the weekends, Friday and Saturday, I usually go out and party with my friends and drink some alcohol.

What kind of games you play, besides DotA?

Hmm, none actually. Sometimes I play some CS with some friends in real life, but DotA is the shit.

And finally, a little quiz:

Favorite DotA team? Ukraine Natus Vincere
Favorite DotA player? Ukraine XBOCT
Favorite DotA hero? Gyrocopter Gyrocopter
Favorite music? "Techno / Drum 'n' Bass"
Favorite movie? "Hmm, nothing is really special, all though I like the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars movies."
Favorite food? "Fondué."
Bad habits? "It's easy to piss me off, and I think I have slightly bad manners."
Do you believe in doomsday in 2012? "No, not really."

That's all. Thank you so much. Anything else you want to add to conclude this interview?
I would like people to cheer for us more instead of hating so much, and we will try to provide our fans with some great results in 2011, I promise.

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