The Asian GosuCrew takes on the Asian Users.

Posted by Jerry "mR.Jerry-" Lee at 28 March 2011 17:56
Half a year ago, the European GosuCrew defeated the Users 2-0 to prove that they had the goods. Now it is time for the Asian GosuCrew to strut their stuff.

To minimize the lag issues, the users who are eligible for the sign up will be limited to the South Asia/SEA region. To further reduce the lag issues, the games will be played on Ranked Gaming Client.

The games will be played on on 2nd April at 8pm GMT +8 on Ranked Gaming Client. The game mode will be -cm and there will only be 2 games that to be played.

GosuCrew Asia's Roster
Malaysia MrBlue (Captain)
Malaysia -VigRouX-
Brunei hAwaaiix
Philippines Heartz
Philippines paeijwei
Singapore zGGLeo
Singapore mR.Jerry-
Australia Sylencia

Statement from MrBlue, Captain of GosuCrew Asia:
-"Since the last gosucrew vs user match. The Eu admins have shown that they are pretty good at DotA despite their busy schedule. It is now time for the Gosucrew Asia to shine. Not to mention get our revenge for the DC crew match. Get your popcorn ready as this will be a match up you wont wanna miss."

So how will the Users be chosen? Very simple. All you have to do is to PM mR.Jerry- the answer to this question:

Which animal can be found in the Pro Team Logo?

In your PM, you will have to include the answer and your RGC user name. Ten users will be selected to take part in this showmatch. In the event that you fail to include either one, your answer will be skipped. The deadline for submissions will be this Wednesday, March 30th. The selected Users will be announced on Thursday night.

Only ten users will be picked so what are you waiting for? Send in your answers today and to get a chance to play against the GosuCrew and be shoutcasted by TobiWanKenobi, LIVE on CyberGamerTV!

Click here to download - Ranked Gaming Client
Click here for LiveStream - CyberGamerTV