GSL March Code S: Semi-Finals Over

Posted by Roy "Phantom" Kwan at 12 March 2011 14:10
SPOILER:The GSL Code S Finals will be between ST_JulyZerg and oGsMC. Both players defeated their opponents with a 3-1 score and opened up with a bit of cheese to get momentum on their side.

GSL March Semi-Finals
Xel'Naga Caverns1>0
Shakuras Plateau2<1
The first match of the semi-final day was between oGsMC and sanZenith. This Protoss mirror match-up started with MC pulling off a cannon rush against san on Xel'Naga Caverns. His perfectly placed pylons on the low ground allowed him to build a cannon on the low ground completely walled off, while they also provided energy to cannons on the high ground inside san's base. This first game would end quite quickly in MC's favour. When asked about this first game, MC had a teammate to thank for showing him the build.

The second game was played on Crossfire. The game was played a lot tighter by both players after MC had attempted to provide early pressure with a Zealot and a Stalker. Eventually both players would enter mid-game with different army compositions. MC would end up with a slightly larger army, but his composition had a lot more Zealots in its army which ended up tanking a lot of damage in the final battle of the game.

With two games in hand, MC entered the third game with a huge advantage on Shakuras Plateau. Applying early aggression again, MC would attempt to take the game and match there and then. However, his early aggression would be fought off quite easily by san and san would take an early advantage. Once the advantage was taken, san sat comfortably with his lead and waited for MC to make the next move. Eventually MC would come knocking on san's backdoor and end up losing the game.

One more win and san could start working on a come back against MC. So with a chance at making a come back san would attempt a quick cannon rush on Metaloplis in close positions against MC. But because they were in close positions MC would scout out a curiously empty base from san and prepare for the worst. This meant that MC would be well prepared by having a cannon of his own in his base to repel any of san's cannons pushing into his base. MC would take the huge advantage and end up taking the fourth and final game in the series.

GSL March Semi-Finals
Scrap Station1>0
Tal'Darim Altar2<1
Xel'Naga Caverns3>1
The match between oGsMC and sanZenith was followed by ST_JulyZerg versus anyproPrime.WE. From the beginning JulyZerg had made a huge statement coming into GSL March by picking a strong group to play in during the group stages. So to follow in his dauntless decision making, JulyZerg would open up with a 6 pool on Scrap Station. Catching anypro completely offguard, July would quickly end the game and take an early 1-0 lead.

The second game extended into the mid and late game with both anypro establishing air superiority by amassing quite a few Phoenixes. In response July would Corruptors, but it was the sheer macro capabilities of JulyZerg that allowed him to take the second game. Despite gaining map control early with his Phoenixes, anypro would fall behind in his economy as July was relentless in sending his ground forces to attack despite having Phoenixes flying around. Anypro would go from having a larger supply than July to only have half of what July had near the end of the game.

Being up 2-0 in the match, July was in a very good position to take the entire match as the next map was on Tal'Darim Altar. Anypro would build a hidden Stargate in an attempt to catch July offguard with a few Phoenixes and a Voidray, but this is all foiled as he is unable to do enough damage with his Voidray and his Stargate was eventually discovered. Despite this off, JulyZerg didn't really take advantage of this fact and was content in massing Mutalisks. This bought time for anypro to expand to his third and eventually matches July for expansions. Once the Mutalisks were out, it was too late. Anypro had his monstrous economy pumping out a huge army that would roll over July. Anypro's army would instantly warp in and just dominate and anypro would take the win.

The fourth game had anypro open up with a fast expansion against a 14 gas and pool July. Seeing the fast expansion July elects to go for a Baneling bust, but once his Zergling speed was finished July would decide to just run into anypro's main instead and ends up crippling anypro's economy. July would then continue to provide a constant pressure with another Zergling run-by that reduces anypro's probe count to only 13. Being so close to elimination anypro wouldn't give up so easily, he would continue to play and does recover quite a bit, but it was not enough. He would eventually fall to a Roach and Mutalisk army storming into his base.

oGsMC and ST_JulyZerg will now meet a week from now to battle it out for the GSL March title. For MC, he will be battling for his second consecutive GSL title, while the Golden Mouse winner, JulyZerg, will be trying for his first StarCraft 2 title. Both players play very aggressive styles so it will be very exciting match for all StarCraft fans.

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