8th $105 USD Poker League Freeroll on March 11 18:00 CET

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 10 March 2011 12:21

With three more freerolls to go until we can crown the winners of the GosuGamers Poker League, you still have a chance to climb the top!

Last freeroll saw the Serbian player "imt" take home the first place and 36 more points to climb up to second place in the leaderboard. Ukrainian player "dew_magic" who have placed high in a handful of the freerolls, is on first place with 90 points.

Coming this weekend, we will hold the final three freerolls on Friday, Saturday and sunday at 18:00 CET. Make sure to sign up for the upcoming freeroll on Friday. Signsups start at 17:00 CET on Friday, March 11. Freeroll Poker League
Event NamePoker RoomDate/Winner Poker League #1BetMostPoker Romania MgZ)Ryko Poker League #2BetMostPoker Ukraine xom9ik Poker League #3BetMostPoker Ukraine dew_magic Poker League #4BetMostPoker Serbia imt Poker League #5BetMostPoker Denmark S4SMessias Poker League #6BetMostPoker Austria KongoTime Poker League #7BetMostPoker Serbia imt Poker League #8BetMostPokerMar. 11, 18:00 CET Poker League #9BetMostPokerMar. 12, 18:00 CET Poker League #10BetMostPokerMar. 13, 18:00 CET
- Registration opens one (1) hours before tournament start -

What: 10 freerolls within 2 weeks tracking cumulative points from top 20% of each freeroll's finishers

Why: $105 cash and prizes, while having fun and improving your game for free

Where: BetMost Poker (part of the largest poker network - iPoker)

Who: Any member who has a tracked BetMost Poker account.

How: After establishing your tracked BetMost Poker account, enter your BetMost username HERE so your results will be included on the leaderboard when you finish in the top 20% of finishers.

1. $50 or copy of StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty
2. $25 or copy of Heroes of Newerth
3. $15
4. $10
5. $5

All prizes can be exchanged for Heroes of Newerth goblin coins. $1 = 60 coins.

Leaderboard stats:
  • Each freeroll has its own leaderboard, and points are awarded to top 20%
  • Each player adds 5 points to the total pool to each freeroll
  • Stats should be updated within 36 hours of each event completion
  • It is not required to play each freeroll to compete
  • Prizes are awarded based on the League Leaderboard at series' conclusion
  • Top five will win cash or prizes