Mineski's BIG Comeback!

Posted by Juelv "Heartz" Cayago at 17 March 2011 11:37
After several months of waiting, the most awaited Philippine Team is finally back in action with new players to wear the prestige team tag.

After the loss of two DotA squads after SMM, Mineski will once again launch Mineski-DotA with a big comeback! Sponsoring the two most feared and experienced teams in the Philippines; Minerva, a new team that was formed from Mineski-DotA tryouts and the ever famous Happyfeet, the reigning crown holder of Philippine LAN Champions.

Mski.Chad(left) and Mski.Wootz(right)

Statements from the two team captain:
Philippines Richard 'chad' Minowa - Mineski Grounds Team Captain

-"I am happy that our hard work has paid off, after a series of intense training, Mineski was finally on our side. This is not the end of our goals, for this will be the start of much more training and experience for us. We will not waste this prestige opportunity and we will be the BEST!"

Philippines James Kenneth 'wootz' Valdez - Mineski Infinity Team Captain

-"Many have thought that we were against Mineski for a long time, but the truth is they are helping us improve and solve our problems. Now, we are finally merging with them to continue the "Philippine Pride" that they have started. We will try as hard as we can to meet and fulfill our dreams, that is to give Philippines an international title. Thank you for everything Happyfeepolz and I love you all!"

Mineski Grounds.ASUS: (former Minerva)
Philippines Richard 'chad' Minowa (Captain)
Philippines Jessie Cristy 'Vash' Cuyco
Philippines Nur Ameen 'nrrr' Omar
Philippines Carlo 'Chin' Rivera
Philippines Ralp Gabriel 'rg' Garcia

Mineski Infinity.Happyfeet: (former Happyfeet)
Philippines James Kenneth 'Wootz' Valdez (Captain)
Philippines Julius 'Julz' Deleon
Philippines Joshua 'Owa' Dela Serna
Philippines John 'John' Roxas
Philippines Ralph Richard 'rr' Penano

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