$400,000 Prize Pool Announced for North American StarCraft League

Posted by Roy "Phantom" Kwan at 22 February 2011 01:28
The North American StarCraft League has finally been officially announced. Promising to be an eSports revolution, it boasts a $400,000 prize pool for the first three seasons as well.

For weeks rumours and hype has been generated by EG.iNcontrol's mystery announcement which has now been revealed. The North American StarCraft League (NASL) will be the first professional StarCraft League. A Clash of the Titans match up between Liquid'Jinro and EG.IdrA was the pre-show to the announcement. Jinro ended up picking up the win in beating IdrA 4-2, taking home a $1500 prize.

The most exciting news would be the $400,000 prize pool with $100,000 for the first first season. Currently there are 3 seasons planned for the NASL starting in April. The first season will have a prize pool of $100,000, the second will have the same and the final third season will have a $200,000 prize pool. This is the largest sum of money in any North American competition in the history of StarCraft 2 and possibly e-Sports. The finals will be held live in Los Angeles, California.

50 players will make a up a 5 division league where matches will be played five nights a week for 9 weeks of the first season. Each match will begin at 5PM PST, meaning a 2AM CET start time. EG.iNcontrol has said in an interview that these players will most likely consist of the five best of every team at most.

In its description on the website, it seems there are two men behind this project. Russell Pfister and Duncan Stewart are signed at the ending of the description. So far, little is known about these two people, but more information should surface as new of the NASL spreads.

The finals format of the NASL will be a 16 man tournament where 15 of those players will be decided by the closed 50 player divisional league The 16th spot will be offered to the winner of a giant open tournament.

There will also be a premium service where paid-subscribers can access VODs, HD service, as well as replays of the players.

Currently you can vote for your favourite player from a pool of 50 players to increase their chances of playing in the NASL. Matches are promised to be played everyday as soon as the league starts as well.

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