New Arrival in Newerth: Imperial eSports

Posted by Wei Shen "S_SienZ" Ong at 15 February 2011 14:50
Couple of days ago, Imperial eSports officially announced their 1st ever Heroes of Newerth team, taking over the remnants of Binary Evasion.HoN along with a couple of new faces.

Originally called WeLackBrains [LacK], the team got sponsored by Binary Evasion before DreamHack Winter and claimed 3rd place. With core player Buch leaving to join the ranks of Infused Tt eSports, reinforcements were in order, in comes Danish duo Haxxeren and Lezzqq, formerly of clan UV who have had reasonable success in tournaments. Haxxeren in particular might ring a bell to some having ringed for FnaticMSI before in the past.

Team captain Loiz and player Reyz released these statements on Imperial:

Norway [impE] Loiz

We are really happy to be joining up with Imperial Esports. We are all looking forward to play for them, and we will all do our best in the competitive scene of HoN both at lan parties and online.

Germany [impE] Reyz

Since our last sponsor failed big time, it can only get better with Imperial Esports. And i think this is going be really great if what I've heard is true.

With these changes this is the new lineup for Imperial eSports:
Norway Sondre 'Loiz' Løhre
Denmark Jeppe 'Haxxeren' Jensen
Denmark Shamal 'Lezzqq' Amin-Enemark
Sweden Andreas 'Likmasken' Moregård Haubenwalle
Germany Christopher 'Reyz' Collier

The team is scheduled to make their 1st LAN appearance at The Gathering in April. Will they be just as good as or better than their former lineup?

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