IdrA coaching feedbacks: $150, no BM

Posted by DJ "ronstopabl" Azul at 13 February 2011 00:32

He may not make you GSL ready within the hour. He most likely won't catch you desperate enough to drop $150 on a lesson with him. But there's no denying that the King of Zerg is making quite a business for himself in the StarCoaching market. We polled some of his latest clients to hear what they had to say about the notorious GSLer and his attitude in the classroom.

Client #1

How many lessons did you take with IdrA?

How much did he charge?

How long did the session last?
1 hour.

What impacted you the most from that lesson?
I think the fact that it fixed my timings slightly better.

Did you ask a lot of questions? Was he patient with you?
I asked a lot of questions, some of them I wish he was a little more in depth with and gave reasoning behind doing things a bit more in detail for a player of my skill level. And yes he was very patient with me.

What was it like being taught by him?
It was interesting. He's very assertive.


Did you enjoy the overall experience?

Client #2

How many lessons did you take with IdrA?
Two hours, probably going to do more.

What was the lesson like? How did he go about teaching you?
Lessons were treated like a business, we didn't joke around or talk a lot, it was all about fundamentals on builds and then we played games against each other and I would ask questions and he would just tell me what is the most common thing he sees.

What was the first thing he started on when the lesson began?
Builds. ZvZ ZvP ZvT. I play Zerg so he covered all the builds up to about 30-35 supply.

Were there any questions you had that had him baffled, or did he know how to respond to all of them, even the ones others might consider stupid?
No, he's pretty quick. He knows a lot about the game that I think most people don't, which is another reason I picked him as a coach. He's civil of course, I'm paying him good money, but he's not all laughs or anything, but I like that. I want to learn, I payed good money, he supplied exactly what i wanted. I didn't talk about gsl, or any of that stuff, we talk only about the game and my gameplay.

You say you might get more lessons from him, I suppose that means you enjoyed the overall experience for the money you put into it?
Yeah, time goes by fast of course, because I'm playing a game and having a lot of fun, so next time I do a lesson it will be a specific match up, instead of all three, right now i have so much stuff to practice that once i feel comfortable with them I'll pay for another lesson. I would suggest the coach to anyone that asks me. I feel he's one of the best and the most articulate and the less mess around [kinds]. You get what you pay for 100%

Client #3

What was it like getting coached by IdrA?
It was not what I expected.

What do you mean by that?
Well for one he wasn't a total asshole.

That might have something to do with you spending a whole lot of money for a little bit of his time.
No, I don't mean it like THAT. I've had lessons from everyone.

You must have a lot of money to waste.
[Laughs] I mean I've had lessons from ******** and ******** before. ******** was alright for the 50$ price. He even ran [the clock] a little longer without charging me any extra, but he wasn't as thorough as [IdrA] was, but he was professional. ******** on the other hand was an asshole to me.

Even though you were paying for a lesson?
Not directly like making fun of me or anything. What I mean was he was very condescending to me from the start. Kind of like a passive aggressive bully who [doesn't] have the balls to hit you straight out but he's bigger than you and so he tries to be very snippy to feel superior to you.

[Laughs] So basically this guy didn't even play Zerg, and I kept asking questions that I had thought up beforehand, you know [before] our lesson. And he kept telling me things like “At your level, I wouldn't advise that. You should consider making your style more like this...” These were like things I had seen in the GSL that I wanted answered but it seemed to him like it would be hopeless for him to even attempt to explain to me the reasoning behind why people at that level play that way and so he just kept telling me “Play like this, this is how you should play at your level” instead of trying to get me to the place where I'd be able to play the way I'd wanted to or at least explain to me the reasoning behind that style of play from the Zergs in Korea so I could get a better feel for it.

And IdrA explained this style for you?
Well no, but with IdrA we didn't have time to get that far because there was so much more I had to learn with him that I was glad to. But I'm sure he would've if I'd asked.

How can you be certain?
Because unlike ********, IdrA allowed me to learn the understanding behind Mutalisks in ZvP even though he felt they weren't in style and weren't as effective as the way most Zergs are playing ZvP now. ******** just made it seem like no good Zerg would use Mutalisks and so he wouldn't even get into explaining anything about it let alone a build.

What else did ******* do that IdrA didn't?
Well from the start I got the feeling that he was trying too hard to come off as someone who was cool in high school.

Where do you get these analogies from?
[Laughs] I don't know. That's just what came to mind. Like he was an e-celeb or something. IdrA wasn't like that at all. He was just calm and encyclopedic. He wasn't trying to let the ladies know he was a player on the net or anything.

Was there any criticism you had of IdrA?
Well, there was the price tag [Laughs].