ICS to enter second Groupstage

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 01 February 2011 16:58
Sacrificially covered by countless livestreams and replays, the $2000 tournament from and with v1lat, just finished a four weeks-enduring first groupstage. Yesterday; the administration revealed the groupings for the second phase.

A significant change marks the official map of the tournament, which has now been changed to the latest release 6.71b. Draws in the first groupstage have been overcome by the infamous but neccessary time rating policy, which only applied in one case. TR advanced in Group F over the Poles from US with equal points. An overview featuring all results can be found at the link section below.

The succeeding field which advanced into the second groupstage, contains close to no surpsies. The only recognisable miss marks Virus, who had a hard Group with GGnet and FM. Better known teams who didnt attend or were not founded by the time of the launch were seppo13 and mG.

Intel Challenge: Supercup - Groupstage II
Group AGroup BGroup C Group D
Ukraine Na`ViEurope LOST.euRussia DTSEurope GGnet
Czech Republic VanityOther MYMDenmark NEDenmark shift
Romania TeGSweden FEARZRomania sTurtleGermany zG
Russia 2l8Russia 60ltLebanon FMRussia TR

Round 1 of the second Groupstage starts at the 6th of February. The head administration wants to wish GGnet good luck in the games.

Links - Source (Russian) - ICS Groupstage I