Queen City of the South kicks Manila out!

Posted by Juelv "Heartz" Cayago at 26 January 2011 14:43
The online tournament that most Philippine gamers are craving to join has ended with a surprising result. The winning team showed some great team play, unique strategies, and a different approach in playing DotA led to their victory.

It is the first time ever that a Provincial team from the Philippines wins a nationwide DotA League. This time Cebu wins over Manila's finest teams with a very surprising outcome.

From the most improved team of the Philippines, Latos battled their best out against the formidable Manila star team, Execration. A very displeasing results came to Execration's fans while Cebuanos are celebrating their victory. The following table below will show the finals bracket playoffs result.

Round 1
Quarter Final
Semi Final
Grand Final
image RoG
image RoG
image BG.xFire
image 2011
image 2011
image Latos
image Latos
image Latos
image Execration
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PEDL Winners
ChampionsPhilippines LatosPhp 10,000 (Approx $220)
First Runners upPhilippines ExecrationPHP 5,000 (Approx $110)
Second Runners upPhilippines 2011PHP 2,500 (Approx $60)

I caught up with the King of the Queen City and had talk about the finals game and some plans for the team in the future.

How does it feel when your team made a part on Philippine Pro-gaming history as the 1st provincial team to win a nationwide tournament?
-"It felt extremely great for being the 1st provincial team to win a nationwide tournament because we always fail to win against manila top teams, but now our effort paid-off really well."

Latos was quoted as the Most Improved Team duting PEDL. Performing very low at start but jumping to the top slowly as the tournament goes by, any insights on this?
-"At first we really struggled in our playweek just to beat manila top dota teams, our aim that time was just to win every game we can, if we lose we watch and discuss our mistakes and then apply what we have discussed for the upcoming games and we were so happy to get into the playoffs. We trust one another that's just it and try to have fun in every game."

So much about the team, any ideas on Rhoms vision that 2011 is the year for Pinoy Gamers?
" I hope so and i will support that vision of his, for 2011 is the year of LATOS DOTA! joke. We'll try our best to fullfil our dreams and his dream also. For he is our role model in the Pro-DotA scene."

Follow the rest of the interview & relive the action through replays at the link below.

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