IceFrog releases 6.71

Posted by Terrence "MrBlue" Wong at 22 January 2011 09:29
On Christmas day, IceFrog gave a present to the whole DotA community by releasing 6.70. Now three weeks later, he releases 6.71 which focuses mainly on balance issues.

This new version brings nothing new to the table and is focused mainly on balancing the game. Heroes that got hit with the nerf stick include signature heroes such as Alchemist whose ultimate's HP bonus was reduced, Morphling had his Adaptive Strike's damage reworked and Broodmother gets some number changes across all her skills.

On the other hand, the ones that IceFrog sees fit and blessed with some buffs are heroes such as Lord of Avernus who has an increase cast range for his Aphotic Shield, Bane Elemental now has a full 6 seconds of ultimate with Arghanium on, Dragon Knight gets a rescaled for his Dragon Blood. Other notable ones include Dwarven Sniper having his sharpnel damage reworked and Faceless Void's ultimate duration increasead as well.

Items were left relatively untouched with some minor changes to the new items introduced in 6.70.

Read the full changelog here!

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