GosuAwards 2010: Community Effort

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 16 January 2011 08:40
The DotA GosuAwards exist to give recognition to teams and players for their accomplishments spanning an entire year of DotA. Nominees are determined by GosuCrew editors and voting is done by GosuGamers readers. The final award will be handed out to the most deserving community contributing person of 2010!

While this entering parapgraph may not fit for the following category, every of the below listed people deserves our gratitude. Wether it was the countless time getting league games going, staying awake to provide commentary for them, or handling the daily trifles of players. The effort of contributing to the greater project of DotA unites them and enables us, the community to enjoy the game even more.

What follows are the eight gentlemen, GosuGamers considers the hardest workers behind the curtain and most accountable pillars of DotA in the past 12 months. Nominated for the GosuAward of Community Effort in 2010 are:

Despite an activity period of just 8 months, starting in January 2010, MadMortigan managed to reach legendary status nonetheless. The reason for that, lies countless hours of joy people felt, when listening to his shoutcasts. Providing those regularly as a perfect completion of the week at SECS times on Sunday, his fanbase grew faster and faster. But not only his fans were increasing; with all his humor and motivation, MadMortigan also contributed to the growth of attractiveness and sporting spirit for DotA in the United States. The news from his withdrawal as a commentator, shortly after the great ESWC coverage, shocked the community exceedingly. His pioneering work in live DotA broadcasting however, can be counted to the highest valuable contributions of 2010.

Having massively contributed to the entertainment value of DotA for years already, the efforts of TobiWanKenobi in 2010 were yet again priceless. What impresses at first, is the consistancy and reliability, with which the esports shoutcaster did his work. One was always assured a good show, when TobiWan announced his presence, yet the frequency and energy of the casts made him one of the most important ambassadors of DotA in the world. He not only covered the three biggest LAN events ESWC, WDC (if only Replay cast-wise) and SGNDT, the most popular online leagues eg RGC and ADC found a place in his schedule as well. That being said we can only hope to have Tobi with us for the next 12 months as well and keeping the intermissions between the sound of his voice as short as possible.

Manager of a European top team, shoutcaster and event host; the portfolio of this man unites all aspects of esports administration! All the happier we are, that the game scenery he works in, is DotA. V1lat not only entrenched DTS as the number one formation in Europe, he furthermore gave the Russian speaking community a home on his live streams, casting various top games and delivering several live coverages both on- and offline, together with our colleagues from As if all this wasnt enough, he also contributed to a small revival of the European event scenery, with the currently running Intel Challenge Supercup tournament, which successfully progresses under his administration.

A Juggernaut in the event hosting business over a timeframe, which probably outclasses most other nominees; Underminer successfully administrates the big events in Asian regions for years and belongs to the biggest contributors of the Malaysian DotA scene, which he pioneered from the very beginning. In his repertory are four seasons of the popular Asian DotA Championship, next to various involvements in SMM, which evolved to the biggest locally hosted DotA tournament around the globe. In 2010, he added chapters to the history of both events, next to international engagements in CM Storm and RGC, which feature the the highest level of gameplay and opened countless opportunities for teams to compete.

Entering the scene in 2010, this man can safely be described as one of DotA's main whizkids of the year. Effort number one lies in opening new perspectives to Duckys Dream Team, by adding them into his stable and foster LOST project, which the team payed back with a Pick League Season XIII title, a second place finish in the FARM4FAME 2nd blood series and a 4th place at the MYM Prime Defending 12. Unlike other investors which come only to disappear again, the consistancy LOST evoked, is and has always been rare to observe in the European scene. After the signing, he massively contributed to promote DotA in his home country Jordan, by hosting the LOST Darkride DotA Challenge in Amman. All that being still not enough, he engaged in the big European Inhouse communities EEDL and later LDHL/LDCL, which he brought to live and established as the number one place to go for players.

Up next is another captain of event hosting with several years of experience on his back. Holymaster took essential part in administrating the best and most prestigious tournaments in Europe. The Key word again is consistancy, as DotA fans were always guaranteed a good event, featuring the best teams to look out for. Last year he worked through the well organised FARM4FAME 2nd blood and Razer Global Challenge, which resulted in high viewer counts and marked a valuable counterpart to the insanely growing Chinese scene. The good work he delivered results now in the series resumption with yet again substantial prize money in the pools. The next chapters have already started and will provide amazing matches as in the past.

While this name may not ring many bells, SirRogers contribution to DotA in 2010 can doubtlessly be counted to the most valuables of the year. Ranked Gaming Client is a tool, which unites communication in an IRC based channel system with collective gaming on good hosts. Having realised this concept completely on his own, the project fulfilled its purpose of a social service, which brings people together and establishes friendships between DotA loving players. Word spread fast and RGC evolved to one of the biggest game providers for all skill levels and probably the most beautiful dota related independent project of 2010.

Yet another multi talent reached the list of nominees. Being both a commentator for the Chinese community and Coach of the best team in the world, DC impressively manages to fulfill his two professions in nothing less than perfection. The willingness to share first hand experiences from former competitive times, where he delivered the best support along the likes of DGC and 820, makes him one of the most respected experts. His golden words helped the development of Chinese players and showed audiences how deep the strategical aspect of DotA really goes. DC's frequent engagements in commentating and blogging, like the Warfield Diaries at ESWC, can be counted to the most insightful pieces of journalism in 2010 and will hopefully find continuation this year.

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GosuGamers want to thank all nominees fur the countless efforts and wish them good luck in 2011. This was the last category of the DotA GosuAwards in 2010. The results will be released on Tuesday the 18th of January. Happy new year goes out to all our readers; we await your votes for 2011's categories in one year from now!

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