Vilat enlightens on the DTS issue

Posted by V "iki" V at 14 January 2011 11:18
An in-depth interview with DTS|Chatrix manager V1lat reveals interesting insights about his role in the team, the departure of ArtStyle and Dendi, the best and worst of last year as well as what lies ahead this year for his new team.

Before an important match, do you watch replays of your opponents and try to find their weaknesses and take advantage of them?
-"Yes, I watch replays of all teams we will play against. Like 1-2 days before the game I will be watching the most interesting games and I'm trying to give some info to my guys. But in LAN-tournaments, it works much better. We all get together in my hotel room and we watch almost all the games of our opponents for the past 1-2 months. And it helps for almost every game. For example, at WDC we had 2 days before the game versus TYJ.LGD, and those kind of analysis helped us a lot."

Last year, your team did an excellent job, finishing runner-up of the ESWC behind EHOME, second runner-up of the World DotA Championship having eliminated EHOME in the group stages and LGD.sGty and won the 12th edition of the MYM Prime Defending tournament. Do you think you played an important role in all these tournaments?
-"In general, I think last year was great for DTS and I. We were the only team in Europe with a stable roster for a whole year. I can't even remember the last time a EU-team didn't change its roster for 12 months. But in December, we lost two of our players, and it was my fault. Hard to feel yourself a good manager when you're losing 2 of your players after such a successful year. Concerning WDC and MyM.Prime, I'm considering myself as a part of those victories, but you have to ask the players, was my role important or not?"

With this question, we leave you to follow the rest of the interview here and find out more about the departure of Dendi and ArtStyle, as well as the new promising player GodKILTHEMALL.

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