The great Malaysian DotA reshuffle

Posted by Terrence "MrBlue" Wong at 13 January 2011 15:15

Rumors have been flying around that there will be massive changes in the China DotA scene really soon. While we wait for confirmation from the relevant parties, let us take a look at another DotA reshuffle. This in from Malaysia and Singapore.

The first big change to the scene is the leaving of YamateH from Nirvana.MY due to some internal issues in the team. His replacement will be none other than Malaysia's prodigal player, Mushi who returns to his hometown after a short stint in China.

In addition to the changes, Loveen has decided to drop his sponsorship of the team. The team however will continue playing together and will play under the Nirvana.MY name until they find a suitable name or until a new sponsor comes around.

Nirvana.MY Roster:
Malaysia XtiNcT
Malaysia Mushi
Malaysia ChuaN
Malaysia Net
Malaysia Ice

For those wondering where YamateH will be heading to, fear not. He along with hyhy will team up with Roy, Art and Sharky to form the new Scythe.SG. The new team will compete in ADC taking over the old Scythe.SG slot that was left when Tofu left.

A short interview with YamateH is available below.

Scythe.SG Roster:
Malaysia YamateH
Malaysia Sharky
Singapore hyhy
Singapore Roy
Singapore Art

Next up with have the pick up of SG.Gigabyte who competed in SMM, by Aeon Gaming. The team consist of players such as xy, Warnutz, Lux, Chawy and Rei will now be known as Aeon.Gigabyte.

Singapore xy
Singapore lux
Singapore Warnutz
Singapore Rei
Singapore Chawy

Finally, with Silvercross opting to leave Aeon.MuFc before their ADC match and Sharky switching over to Scythe.SG, the core of the team is no more. The team will disband effective immediately, it is unknown who will take over their spot in ADC.

A short talk with Yamateh

What prompted u to leave Nirvana.MY after a succesful time in the team?
-"There are reasons as to why I choose to leave Nirvana.MY, but to protect everyone integrity, I would not explain more about the said reason. One of the reason that I can reveal is that I have some communication problems with my teammates and that is why I left."

Its a brand new year already, what goals do u have for the new year and the new team?
-"Since leaving the team, me along with hyhy. roy, sharky as well as Art have decided to form a new team and go under the wings of Scythe Gaming."

With so many great minds in the team. Who will be the drafter for the new team then?
-"We will talk amongst each other and come to a consensus when we are drafting."

One very important question. Who will play Shadow Fiend?
-"Haha. That depends on what is our draft when we play. But it'll mostly be me or hyhy playing him."