GOMTV GSL: Battle Report - Group B

Posted by Lasse "Enron" Engen at 11 January 2011 16:48
heatingtowelfruitdealergsl4.jpgKeeping his forehead warm wasn't enough for the Fruit Dealer.

He entered the same group not even FruitDealer could qualify from

Those were the words of Tasteless, and it was so true. Mvp's Terran vs Zerg was outstanding like always, and as there were him and three Zergs in the group he could convincingly move on to the round of 16. Zenio's Zerg vs Zerg is also very strong, and it made him move on, beating even FruitDealer.


Game 1 - FruitDealer Vs. Mvp - Lost Temple

FruitDealer and Mvp are both very strong players, but FruitDealer's decision making in this game did not cope with those standards unfortunately as he made a fast expansion instead of a spawning pool first with close positions on Lost Temple, and when he realized Mvp would put on early pressure with his two-rax build he placed a spine crawler at a very bad position, allowing Mvp to just walk right into his main base after killing the queen at the expansion. Mvp even stayed in the expansion for a while, killed off everything, and FruitDealer was forced to waste his drones, to later GG. An unfocused FruitDealer.



We've seen it too many times now, and it's getting awfully boring. Some very bad mistakes from FruitDealer lost him the game, and everything was one-sided from there.

Game 2 - Zenio Vs. jukto - Scrap Station

Both players with a one-base opening, kind of odd since it's on Scrap Station with a very long rush distance, and a hatchery first wouldn't be too bad, even for Zerg vs Zerg.

jukto committed everything on his zergling/baneling build, while Zenio transitioned into a defensive stance, making banelings only for defense while he teched up to infestors. jukto gave Zenio a lead quite early after wasting banelings trying to put on pressure. jukto started a spire, but canceled it after he found out about the infestors of Zenio.

fungalbattlegsl4.jpgjukto was still happy after his loss

Both players sitting comfortably on two-base for a long while before any action takes place, with Zenio in a slight lead the whole time, and Zenio is also the first to take the third- and fourth-base as he took the golden expansion moments after the third-base, and his economy sky-rocketed from there, which would pay off later after he failed moving out attacking jukto, even though he managed to pull off some very nice fungal growths. Giving jukto a window back in the game didn't matter for long though, as jukto also over extended himself instead of expanding, and wait for the brood lords he was teching up to. Zenio's economy was too much for jukto, barely manages to hold off the attack from jukto, and jukto does not have any other options than to GG.



I give this game a 7 because of the very close battle in the end, and it could've gone either way. Zenio barely managed to hold it off, but other than that the game had a long period of the players just macroing up, without anything really happening.

Game 3 - jukto Vs. Mvp - Xel'Naga Caverns

Mvp showing who's the boss of the group early on against jukto on Xel'Naga Caverns, catching an overlord out on the map with his marine, very clever to find it at the right time, and it got him the early advantage he needed to stay in the lead for the whole game.

jukto revealed his weakness and his lesser knowledge of the game as he made a roach warren after the hellions were out, which is exactly what Mvp wants, as jukto basically opened the door for Mvp's marauders, who could later easily run over the roaches as easy as ever, supported with a few hellions. If jukto could've held off the hellions without switching to roaches he would've had many more opportunities as he wouldn't have been as vulnerable to the marauders as he was.



Well there's not much to see really, a straight up one-sided game with Mvp in the lead ever since he hunted down the overlord on the map. It was a well-timed attack though, but it was all based on jukto's poor decision making when he found out about the hellions.

Game 4 - FruitDealer Vs. Zenio - Xel'Naga Caverns

FruitDealer seemed to miscalculate this game completely, trying to find a window for a timing roach push on Zenio's base, but Zenio was well prepared with roaches of his own, spine crawlers, two queens, and later infestors, similar as in the game Zenio played against jukto.

Even though FruitDealer did manage to kill an overlord on the middle of the map early on with his queen, it was not enough to out-macro Zenio with roaches, even with a nydus network which he decied to put down outside Zenio's base.

zeniobreakingoutgsl4.jpgZenio breaking out, kicking FruitDealer down to the up-and-down matches

FruitDealer tried to hold on with some harassment burrowing his roaches, but they get caught off-guard to the fungal growth, and eventually lost, and had to face the fact he will not qualify for the round of 16, making probably the biggest upset of the round.


It was exciting for a while when FruitDealer put down his nydus network, but when Zenio got his infestors, roaches and spine crawlers, everything was one-sided from there.

Game 5 - Mvp Vs. Zenio - Lost Temple

After the four first matches we had two tie-breakers in the group, and FruitDealer and jukto would have to play the seeding match for the third place, and Zenio and Mvp would play for the first place.

Zenio did some cute overlord scouting without revealing his location, seeing the barracks as well as the command center long before Mvp could spot the overlord. Mvp, as in the game against FruitDealer, went for the double barracks, but not as effective this time due to the long rush distance of the 6' and 9'O'Clock positions they have. Mvp proved yet again how strong his Terran vs Zerg is, doing early pressure, but backs up at the exact right time, and no marine blood was spilled.

Another nice timing-push from Mvp later, beautifully blocking the banelings with his marauders while pulling the marines back gave him a huge advantage of the game, and was free to kill everything in the expansion of Zenio.


Mvp wisely kept his lead in the game by just sitting on his two-base macroing up, preventing any mutalisk harassment by stimming only a few of his marines to chase them away, unlike what we saw from Maka in group A. While this is going on, Mvp gets his turrets up, and it seems like nothing can break his Terran vs Zerg. Keeping the full control of the game, only losing a couple of medivacs to make the game exciting, but it was really no doubt, Mvp would win this game, and after a push out from Zenio with banelings and mutalisks, with some of the best marine micro you find out there, spreading amazingly avoiding hits from the banelings, it was clear that Mvp would win the group 3-0.



It scores high for Mvp's beautiful, solid, Terran vs Zerg play, but not any higher than a 7 because it was clear who was the winner the whole time. The game is definitely worth a watch though for some great marine micro, and the way Mvp blocked banelings with marauders while spreading the marines was very clever. The huge marine spread right before the final push was also a thrill to watch.

Game 6 - jukto Vs. FruitDealer - Xel'Naga Caverns

Dr. FruitDealer, as Tasteless likes to call him, seemed to be in a lot of trouble in the seeding match, as jukto had a higher roach count attacking before the, again badly placed spine crawler of FruitDealer, had finished.


In the heat of the action, FruitDealer canceled his lair to get out enough roaches, a very clever decision, giving him the advantage in roach count after the battle, and is able to put down an expansion while jukto has to put down a spine crawler, and go into defensive mode while teching to mutalisks. FruitDealer got his lair up in time though, and went for hydralisks. The earlier expansion really paid off for FruitDealer, who could easily out-macro jukto from there and overrun him later for the third place of the group.



It was a nail-biter when jukto went for the first push, which seemed to go in his favor; with slightly better micro he actually could've taken down the season 1 champion there and then. However, the very clever lair cancel did the job, and FruitDealer would turn the game around, ending in a one-sided final attack.

Code S - Group Standings
Top two qualifies for the round of 16, while the bottom two will move on to the up-and-down matches vs the top eight of the A-class tournament.
1stmvpGSL4.jpg South Korea IMMvp3-0
2ndZenioGSL4.jpg South Korea oGsZenio2-1
3rdfruitdealerGSL4.jpg South Korea TSL_FruitDealer1-2
4thjuktoGSL4.jpg South Korea oGsjukto0-3
FruitDealer < Mvp
Zenio > jukto
Mvp > jukto
FruitDealer < Zenio
Mvp > Zenio
FruitDealer > jukto

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