LIVE REPORT: GOMTV GSL - Round of 32 Day 4

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 05 January 2011 10:03
Welcome to another live report from the GOMTV GSL January season! Today we will have two Code A matches to start it off, and then a group stage with four Code S players.

Winner interview with choyafOu:

You showed a liking for air against Kyrix. What do you think of the upcoming Phoenix build time reduction?

- He feels it won't affect him that much since he feels he can not lose to Zerg.

Normally you alwyays speak to yourself in the booth. But today you were silent. I want to know why and if your spell has changed from previous seasons?

- His spell hasn't changed. The reason he didn't do the spell was like "I'm the best," but after the first game he felt really in control and was calm, so he felt he didn't need to spell. Eventually he won the series against sSKS.

14:07 - Due to the rankings, we have choya and sSKS move on to the next round.

Here are the final standing of today:

choya 2-1
sSKS 2-1

Kyrix 1-2
Rain 1-2

Rain > choya
sSKS > Kyrix
Kyrix > Rain
choya > sSKS
sSKS > Rain
choya > Kyrix

14:05 - Roaches have moved in to choya's main, roaches burrow-moving its way in. Takes out a bunch of Probes, but the Nexus is kept alive.

Four Void Rays now.

choya moves in, and burns Zerg heavily. Kyrix GGs!

14:02 - Void Rays pushing back the roaches, this will be tough for Kyrix to hold off. Has advanced on Kyrix's position, killed off the hatchery in construction.

Two Queens out for Kyrix won't be enough.

14:01 - Going double stargate, having started one.

Kyrix breaks through the contain, with 12 roaches. Tries to attack choya's main.

Game 6 - Kyrix vs. choya @ Steppes of War

choya in the bottom left, Kyrix top right.

Forge first from choya, going offensive cannon/pylon contain!


13:51 - Following it up with Stalkers. sSKS is doing some really hard damage to Rain's marines. Raven just now popping out.

Stalkers successively moving up the Terran ramp, killing the marines and the lone raven. GG from TSL_Rain! sSKS is now 2-1, while Rain is 1-2. sSKS advance. Rain's advancement will be based on the next match.


Kyrix will go up against choya.

13:49 - Rain with siege tanks and marines, but sSKS is already inside Rain's base, having 12 kills right now on the dark templar.

13:47 - Dark Shrine! Dark Templar on the way!

13:46 - Assimilator on Rain's extractor.

First stalker moving out, going to put some early pressure on Rain. Factory add-on for Rain. sSKS with twilight council warping in.

Game 5 - Rain vs. sSKS @ Lost Temple

Rain red at the left position, sSKS as redat the bottom position.

sSKS fast in scouting his opponent. A probe inside the base, who actually went to check a cross Xel'Naga watch tower. Other than that, standard openings for both.

13:39 - sSKS will go up against Rain next. Will see how this turns out, we have two more games today.

13:29 - choya advancing in on sSKS's base with a nice mix of stalkers and zealots. Dealing some great damage, microing very well.

sSKS types out. We're in an awkward situation now.

Rain 1-1
choya 1-1
Kyrix 1-1
sSKS 1-1

13:27 - Both players four-warp-gating.

Game 4 - choya vs. sSKS @ Scrap Station

We have sSKS in the top position, and choya at the right position. Nothing strange in the beginning, both players going the Core build.

13:21 - Soon, we'll have sSKS against choya.

13:16 - Kyrix attacks the expansion of Rain with a sizable amount of roaches. Doesn't do too many damage, needing to fall back with the Thors coming in.

Rain moving out now with his mech force. Thors, marines and siege tanks.

Kyrix is there to wipe out the mech, with tons of roaches and a handful of mutalisks. Great position for the Zerg.

13:15 - Hellions are out, with blue flame done. Wants to deal some damage to Kyrix's second expansion but a Spine Crawler is there to defend.


Rain to transcend into Thors. One out already.

13:13 - Two factories again for Rain. Kyrix manages to see it with an overlord before it gets killed.

Kyrix making some roaches, and getting roach speed.

13:12 - Rain, having put early pressure, takes his natural expansion.

13:10 - Two marines and two SCVs wants to bunker in Kyrix, wants to get some drones stop mining. And also of course force some zerglings out there. Queen out and eight or so zerglings, chasing Rain off.

13:07 - Get ready for the restart. Same map, Metalopolis.


Same map positions.

13:04 - Oh, wait, what happened? Kyrix left the game, probably a hardware problem. Game will get restarted.

13:02 - Kyrix taking a third base. Before Lair.

Two factories being built by Rain. And did I spot an armory? Hmm, strike that. Hellions on the way.

13:00 - Rain taking his expansion after a two barracks build with marines. Kyrix with a eight or so zerglings out.

Game 3 - Kyrix vs. Rain @ Metalopolis

12:57 - Kyrix is in the top, as blue zerg. Rain at bottom as red terran.

12:52 - Third game of the S Class games will kick off now. We'll have Rain against Kyrix now on Metalopolis.

12:45 - sSKS masses up with stalkers and sentries, and then waits for the weapon upgrade, and then moves in and simply kills off the much behind Zerg.

12:41 - Kyrix is making a ton of drones right now, also taking a gold expansion in the middle. sSKS has his expansion up and running, and is now macroing up, researching the +1 attack.

12:37 - sSKS going for an offensive photon cannon at Kyrix's expansion. The hatchery will need to cancel... unless it'll die.

No, wait, the hatchery lives, but he went for all-in drone to the photons. This puts Kyrix a lot behind though.

Game 2 - sSKS vs. Kyrix @ Metalopolis

12:36 - Pylon outside is natural for sSKS, who spawns at the left. Kyrix in the bottom.

12:35 - Here are the players, we're just about to start!

12:27 - Another big battle, Rain laying down some really great EMPs hindering choya to storm the Terran units.

Rain's units just roaming inside choya's base. GG from choya. Rain now up 1-0 in the group. Next game will be KyrixZenith against sSKS, also known as Tester.

12:25 - A marauder drop in choya's base, taking out the Robotics Bay, hindering choya to build Colossi. Some warp gates getes unpowered after taking out a pylon.

12:23 Ghosts are doing nice work. EMPing sentries, and then Rain decides to go in with his army. But choya is doing good in the battle, having his high templar there, but used went A-click to the battle. Colossi misplaced, and the templar could've done more damage. But all in all an even trade.

12:22 - No attack yet for choya.

Third expansion taken by the Protoss.

Rain attempting to take out some structures with a maruader drop, but gets chased off by some Colossi.

12:19 - choya is gearing up to attack.

12:16 - Rain wants to do a marauder drop, but choya is everywhere, stopping the drops. Stalkers at his mineral line hinders Rain to drop 'em.


Colossus on the way for choya. Rain going for ghosts, a bit surprising.

12:14 - Five warp gates and a robotics facility up for choya. Rain with a three barracks. Observer moving in to Rain's main, spotting a starport as well.

Rain's expansion at the natural is up and running.

12:12 - choya steals the second geyser at the base, hindering Rain to get his first Reaper out as early as possible.

Rain dealing with it quite well. Two marauders out.


choya taking an expansion, and Rain seems to be doing the same. A floated factory inside the main of choya.

Game 1 - choya vs. Rain @ Scrap Station

12:10 - The first Code S game of today has begun. We have Rain in the right-side position and choya at the top.

12:00 - We're back after a little break inbetween the Code A and Code S.

Games starting today's Code S are:

Rain vs. choya
Kyrix vs. sSKS

Winner interview with sCfOu:

Did you ever feel in trouble on Scrap Station or did you feel in control the whole game?

- He felt he was in control through the whole game on.

Who is your biggest threat in the tournament now that you advanced to the Round of 16?

- He named oGsTOP.

What does sC stand for and why did you choose it?

- It's initial for his name.

11:32 - sCfOu dealing some great damage in an attack. Tons of siege tanks and marauder taking care of the on-hanging JSL in the game.

Sweeping out the units of JSL, and moving in to the second expansion of JSL, we see the Zenith player JSL type out. 2-0 to sCfOu.

11:30 - Another viking battle, but we didn't get to see it. sC is now down to zero vikings.

11:28 - JSL with a superior amount of vikings, he chases off sC's viking flower at the middle.

JSL with 16 vikings and 19 tanks against sC's 9 and 14.

11:27 - Still an open battle here. Another drop coming from sC into JSL's main. Killing off some supply depots successfully. Even some medivacs.


Both players have been maxed out, thus sending SCVs out in the battlefield to free up some supply.

11:24 - sC doing a marine drop in the main of JSL. Attempting to take out as much as possible, but JSL can fend it off with his marines and vikings.

JSL decides to fall back at the middle's siege line, moving back to regroup and change his position.

11:23 - Players now gearing up in the middle. Both players have sieged up. sC has a viking flower right between the army.

11:22 - Here are both players' armies:

11:19 - Both players scanning each other, trying to find out the unit compositions. Marines, siege tanks, a raven and lots of vikings out for both players.

Neither player wants to lead the game, simply massing up with units and waiting for a mistake from the other.

11:17 - sC efficiently kills off the first banshee with the raven/marine troop.

Zenith has a Command Center in the main, will be takign his natural expansion soon. Same for sC.

11:15 - sC scouting his opponent with a floating Factory. Starports on the way for both players. Banshee being built already for JSL, a Raven on the way for sC.

Game 5 - JSL vs. sC @ Scrap Station

11:12 - sC (red) at the right, JSL (blue) in the top.

11:08 - Both players' second expansions have been taken out, and they are now only mining off of their first expansion. sC has the advantage of having control of the middle, but is unable to lay something down.

More seige tanks and marines getting reinforced in the middle of the map, which allows sC to push back his opponent.

JSL types out, 1-0 for sCfOu!

11:07 - sC is now out on the map, and has evened out parts of the advantage JSL had earlier. If he can respond correctly, he might turn this game around and win it.

11:04 - JSL can now roam free on the map, having a second expansion (middle) up. Tons of marines and siege tanks on the map.

sC realizes he has to do something other than sitting at home in his main, so he takes a plow on the destructible rocks at his pocket expansion to move out.

Finds some cliff-positioned siege tanks and units from JSL, but can break out to the left of the map.

11:00 - sC can kill off the harassing banshee, with a Raven and some marines out at the natural expansion.

JSL is moving out a little with his marine, siege tank attack.

sCfOu goes for a marine drop at JSL's natural expansion mineral line. Doesn't kill that much as JSL has marines there to defend as well.


JSL putting up a containment outside sC's base.

10:56 - The SCV count is in sCfOu's favour, with one SCV more. Both players are doing the same thing, starport on the way, with one factory out.


Banshee with cloak on the way for JSL.

10:54 - JSL taking his pocket expansion early on. sC goes for a reaper to scout, and takes an expansion himself.

Game 4 - sC vs. JSL @ Jungle Basin

10:52 - Game has begun. sC in the bottom, JSL in the top.

10:50 - My prediction of the next match, JSL against sC: a 2-0 for sC.

Maps are Jungle Basin, Scrap Station and Steppes of War.

10:48 - Winner interview with GgoBooGie:

Which protoss player do you look up to the most and what are your goals for the season?

He does not have a Protosos player he looks up to, but he finds ogsmc very impressive. He wasn't able to practice much for today's match so he feels the match was not up to his standard. But with enough practice, his goal is to win the Code A.

Did you know terious had an overlord spotting all your buildings on lost temple?

He realized terious was looking at his base when his stargate was half built

10:40 - With a nice timing push of tow Void Rays and a gateway salad, BooGie takes the game with relative ease.

10:37 - Void Ray on the way.

Terious hasn't connected his main and expansion with creep yet, with the Void Ray already out. One queen only. BooGie will be able to do some harass before the second pops out.

BooGie will then most probably transition into a four warp gate push.

10:35 - Regular build from both players, BooGie going for a zealot, sentry in the start to transition into early Stargate. Terious has taken his expansion, and has a few zerglings out and about.

Game 3 - Terious vs. GgoBooGie @ Lost Temple

10:34 - Another close positions. Terious has one again spotted BooGie with his overlord without getting spotted himself. Terious at '12, BooGie at '2.

10:31 - BooGie's tons of stalkers are doing great damage. The roaches are having a hard time to the stalkers and zealots. With well-performed micro, BooGie can take the second game and tie it 1-1.

10:27 - GgoBooGie is going for a four warp gate really aggressive build, while we have Terious with lots of roaches.

Terious has a set of spine crawlers outside his expansion.

GgoBooGie doesn't seem to be doing his four-gate early attack, after his pylon was killed.


BooGie wanting to finish it off anyway, and is now going at Terious' expansion.

Game 2 - Terious vs. GgoBooGie @ Metalopolis

10:24 - The game has started, and we have Terious at the left, and GgoBooGie in the bottom. Terious scouts at the correct position.

Next game will be on Metalopolis.

Game 1 - GgoBooGie vs. Terious @ Blistering Sands

10:21 - After soem heavy difficulties with the stream, the live report can begin. We see righ tnow Terious with tons of Roaches and Corruptors on a three-base. GgoBooGie needs to GG soon.

GG, Terious win.

10:00 - Heyo, everyone. We're waiting for the games to begin. Hopefully today we won't have any walkovers.

Matches for today:

Code A
GgoBooGie vs. Terius
JSL vs. sC

Code S
Rain vs. choya
Kyrix vs. sSKS
(At least two more games, possibly more)