LIVE REPORT: GOMTV GSL - Round of 32 Day 2

Posted by Lasse "Enron" Engen at 03 January 2011 10:10
Results from today's matches can be found at the bottom of this article.

14:13 - Interview with Zenio:


Q: How did you prepare for your group, and how was your mentality going into the FruitDealer game?

I practiced mostly ZvZ obviously since there's three zergs in the group, my mindset fighting FruitDealer was to manage to fight all his strategies

Q: What do you think you need to do to be able to beat Mvp in ZvT?

(no translation needed as he says it in English) I don't know

Zenio then asks a question; how do I beat Mvp? Funny stuff here, hard to transcribe everything, but he wants to meet IdrA again, and he knows that Greg wants to play him again too, but Zenio wants to take him down for good.

14:09 - Interview with Mvp:


Q: Was the fusion core and the mule in the middle of a battle your little celebration? Do you plan on doing more of these in the future

Yes those were ceremonies, I did it because I was so happy to move on

Q: Do you consider 2-rax the best opening for Terran vs Zerg?

I feel it's the best build in TvZ as you can keep pressuring the Zerg, and stay in the lead for the whole game

why did you veto Jungle Basin when you had all Zergs?

I vetoed Blistering Sands...

14:00 - FruitDealer going for the kill, so many hydralisks deal so much damage, and jukto will not be able to hold this off. FruitDealer takes the third place with a 1-2 score after the group stage, jukto unfortunately got into a really tough group, losing all three games.

13:58 - jukto is now making his expansion, but it's so late compared to FruitDealer's expansion. Mutalisks taking out overlords now, but won't be able to harass the main since FruitDealer has his hydralisks.

13:56 - jukto is now making a spire, while FruitDealer's expansion is about to finish. His roach number is also pretty high, and his lair just finished. FruitDealer is looking good, and is making a hydralisk den to stop potential mutalisks, which will hit him.

13:55 - Another bad spine crawler placement for FruitDealer might cost him the game as jukto is now engaging with a higher roach number.

FruitDealer managed to hold it off, but had to cancel the lair upgrade to do so, and lost his queen. FruitDealer is now adding a hatchery at his expansion.

13:53 - Both players are also making a roach warren, but FruitDealer has also started his lair upgrade, while jukto hasn't.

13:51 - FruitDealer vs jukto - Xel'Naga Caverns - Game 6 (Code S)

The final match of the day and group B is a seeding match between FruitDealer and jukto. The winner will grab the third place, and will have a slight advantage in the seeding for the up-and-down matches.

FruitDealer as the red Zerg spawned in the bottom left, and jukto in the top right of Xel'Naga Caverns.

Both players have finished their spawning pool and are researching the metabolic boost for zergling speed.

13:45 - Mvp with another big push, catches unfinished banelings, kills them, no banelings are out, mutalisks get a real beat from the marines, and GG from Zenio. Mvp will take the first place of his group, Zenio second.

13:43 - Zenio does not have many drones, is way behind, Mvp soon has his third base up, and is getting turrets built as well preventing Zenio from any more harassment with his mutalisks, and that is really all he has to offer.

Zenio catches a couple of medivacs off guard though, but he has to do more of that to get back into this game. Mvp moving out, could he have over-extended himself?

Mvp microes well though, and his marines are still alive, and he backs off.

13:42 - Zenio tries to put on some pressure with his mutalisks to get back into the game, but Mvp is very solid, stimming only a few of his marines to defend it, and is now moving out again while he's expanding to the top middle.

13:39 - Zenio is really committing to the mutalisks now, he has some mutas in the main of Mvp now killing workers, Mvp does not care and is counterattacking Zenio.

Zenio is putting down a few spine crawlers, banelings get sniped, nice play from Mvp, and very nice mico when the mutalisks and more banelings arrive, spreading them out, letting the marauders tank the main blows.

Zenio holds it off eventually, but Zenio is way behind now.

13:38 - Stim is being upgraded for Mvp, his expansion has been up for a while, a baneling nest and the spire has finished for Zenio.

13:37 - Some nice pressure from Mvp, killing many zerglings, do some damage in the expansion and wisely backs off in time without any unnecessary loss of marines.

13:35 - Mvp lifts off his barracks to get vision of the overlord one marine was chasing over the cliff, but does not make it in time. Zenio's expansion is up and running now, and it seems like Mvp will be expanding now as well as he realized the distance between them is too long.

13:33 - Zenio vs Mvp - Lost Temple - Game 5 (Code S)

Mvp spawns at the left side position, and Zenio the bottom middle position. A very long rush distance, and Mvp should come up with something different than the 2-rax build he did against FruitDealer on the same map earlier today.

Zenio is doing some very nice job scouting with the overlord, seeing first the command center, then the two barracks, so Mvp will in fact go with the 2-rax build again.

13:32 - The next match is going to be the one between Zenio and Mvp to decide who will seed the first place, and who will grab the second place. They have both qualified already though.


13:19 - With FruitDealer losing two games he will move down to the relegation round where he will face off with the Code A players for a spot in the S class tournament next season, same goes for jukto.

We will still have two more matches for seeding though, as there are currently two tie-breakers in this group; Mvp and Zenio both on 2-0, and jukto and FruitDealer both on 0-2. So we'll have Zenio vs Mvp, and FruitDealer vs jukto to decide the final rankings of the group.

13:19 - FruitDealer tried to harass with his roaches, with burrow upgraded, but was hit by the fungal growth before he got to burrow.

Zenio moving out now, while FruitDealer is counterattacking with a few roaches, but there's just so many units for Zenio. FruitDealer will be moving down to the up-and-down matches if he lose here, and seems to do so.

GG from FruitDealer, Zenio wins.

13:16 - Zenio throws fungal growth after fungal growth on FruitDealer's contain of roaches, and moments later decides to move out, and breaks the contain.

Zenio is way ahead now in supply, and he also has those infestors which makes a big change in the unit mixture, in favor for Zenio of course.

Both players are making their expansion.

13:16 - Roaches are full of fungal growth, and Zenio holds the ramp comfortably with infestors, spine crawlers and roaches, and is ahead in this game. Neither of the players have decided to expand yet.


13:14 - Nydus network was placed outside the main of Zenio, but right when that happened the game was paused...

So we're in pause mode right now, waiting to get any announcements.

UPDATE: Zenio's computer does not seem to be working.
UPDATE: Back in the game, it was a monitor problem, but it's now fixed.

13:13 - Zenio is making an infestation pit again like he did in the game against jukto. FruitDealer seems to be committing to the roaches as he's upgrading the roach speed, and will probably try to find a window for a timing attack on Zenio.

Nydus network from FruitDealer now!

13:11 - The queen of FruitDealer has reached the golden minerals in the middle of the map to chase an overlord, and gets the kill eventually.

Zenio in the meanwhile is making a lair, about halfway done, FruitDealer's lair is a bit later.

13:09 - FruitDealer vs Zenio - Xel'Naga Caverns - Game 4 (Code S)

Zenio spawns in the bottom left corner as the blue Zerg, and we have FruitDealer in the top right as the red Zerg.

Both of them are getting gas and spawning pool first.

13:08 - Next match is going to be a good one, we have Zenio up against FruitDealer in another Zerg vs Zerg of the day. We do of course know that Zenio is a great Zerg vs Zerg player, but so is FruitDealer.


13:02 - GG from jukto, and Mvp has two wins already today, opposite of jukto who has lost both of his games.


13:02 - A lot of marauders and hellions now attacking jukto's expansion, there's nothing more than a few lings and four roaches there to defend it, and these are dark times for jukto.

13:00 - Hellions backing off before zergling speed has finished, got a few kills, but nothing major.

12:59 - A factory is going up as well as a reactor to the barracks, the factory has landed to the reactor, and he's now making hellions.

Mvp very cleverly hunted down an overlord on the far right side of the map, and killed it.

Hellions on the way now.

12:57 - Mvp vs jukto - Xel'Naga Caverns - Game 3 (Code S)

jukto goes for hatchery first, spawning as the blue Zerg in the bottom left position. Mvp has his barracks finished, one gas running, and spawned as the red Terran in the top right.

12:45 - Next up we have Mvp vs jukto.


12:45 - GG from jukto, Zenio wins.

jukto does not seem too upset after the loss to his teammate


12:44 - jukto seems to be able to take down Zenio, got roaches all over the main of Zenio, but curroptors have killed the brood lords, and eventually manages to force the remaining roaches of jukto to retreat.

jukto tries another attack on the third base of Zenio, but loses nearly all of his units, and Zenio is now engaging, looking to take the game.

12:42 - jukto tried a counterattack, over-extended himself a bit, but nothing huge. Zenio with another attack, but jukto still managed to hold it off, and is now countering again, his army is including brood lords now as well, and things are suddenly looking pretty good for jukto.

Zenio has the gold base though, and a third base, while jukto is still on two bases, so it all comes down to this attack.

12:39 - After breaking the rocks, Zenio actually went for the attack, he got some nice fungal growth going on there, but jukto did manage to hold it off, and got himself back in the game.


12:39 - jukto is getting a very early hive, and is making a spire. Zenio is making a third base now. Contamination by jukto on the lair from Zenio now. Both players are just macroing up, not a lot of action going on at the moment, except from Zenio breaking down the rocks between the players.

12:36 - jukto actually canceled his spire, good choice as Zenio has a lot of infestors out waiting for mutalisks. Both players are getting their second base now, and jukto has switched to a hydralisk den and a roach warren.

12:34 - Zenio has his lair up, and is making an infestation pit. After some small micro battle between banelings, Zenio got two banelings using one baneling of his own, and jukto wasted another couple of banelings trying to get inside the base, failing to the queens and the spine crawler.

Zenio is ahead by far due to his much faster tech. jukto is making a spire.

12:32 - Both players are getting a baneling nest, jukto on the offense now moivng zerglings out, but Zenio has a spine crawler and two queens waiting for him.

12:32 - Zenio vs jukto - Scrap Station - Game 2 (Code S)

We're on Scrap Station, we have jukto in the lower position, and Zenio in the upper position. Both players are Zerg, and both players have gotten their spawning pool up first, instead of a hatchery.

Zergling speed is being researched for both as well.

12:28 - Next match is a Zerg vs Zerg between Zenio and jukto, both players of oGs.


12:22 - FruitDealer falls to the early aggression from Mvp, GG's, and Mvp takes the win.

12:20 - Mvp is moving out, brought two SCVs, but backs up when he sees the spine crawler FruitDealer has put down.

Mvp does however commit to this, rallying a lot of marines, now attacking, worked his way up the ramp, this looks really bad for the FruitDealer.

12:17 - FruitDealer vs Mvp - Lost Temple - Game 1 (Code S)

We have FruitDealer in the top middle position, and Mvp on the left side position of Lost Temple. FruitDealer being the zerg, and Mvp the terran. Close positions, and double barracks going up for Mvp, while FruitDealer is expanding.


12:07 - Alright, we're back, finally, and we're getting close to seeing some S class games; first up is FruitDealer vs Mvp, and it's going to be exciting!

11:16 - The Code S matches of the day will start at 12:00 CET.

11:16 - BanBans interview:

Q: What's your favorite characteristics about Protss and why?

I've been playing Protoss since StarCraft 1, and I like it because it's a race for men, overwhelming your opponent with heavy macro

Q Were you surprised that your opponent went with that build in game1? Do you think it is foolish to go anything other than 4gate in pvp right now?

I wasn't aware my opponent was doing a rare build, 99 out of 100 games on the ladder is a 4-gate rush

11:04 - BanBans engages, basically nothing to defend for cOre, but someone holds off the push for longer than expected. There is still two stalkers in the base, and zealots have arrived as well, and cOre is forced to GG, and BanBans wins the series.

BanBans, of course very happy, while cOre seems very upset.


11:02 - BanBans now knows about the proxy gateway, does not have a lot do defend against this though, the zealot of BanBans takes a few hits, but forces cOre's units back as warp gate has finished for BanBans who is now forcing cOre back.

This looks bad for the red Protoss, cOre.

11:00 - cOre vs BanBans - Steppes of War - Game 4 (Code A)

The second game of the series is on Steppes of War, again a Protoss mirror match obviously, with cOre in the top right, and BanBans in the bottom left.

cOre is making an early proxy pylon, but he has a gateway in his base, and is mining gas. cOre makes a gateway by the proxy pylon.

10:57 - cOre loses the battle between a zealot and a stalker for each players in the middle, and will now have a lot of problems with the push that's coming at him now,

BanBans got six stalkers killing probes, cOre made a very early robotics for some reason, as is the reason why he was so far behind when the push came at him. 1-0 for BanBans.

10:53 - cOre vs BanBans - Xel'Naga Caverns - Game 3 (Code A)

cOre spawns in the top right position as the red Protoss, and BanBans in the bottom left, as the blue Protoss in this mirror matchup.

10:51 - Haha, Tasteless got me really scared there for a second;

I have a terrible announcement, John the translator... is addicted to the new World of WarCraft expansion
- Tasteless

10:50 - Next match is ZeNEXcOre vs BanBansZenith


10:47 - Junwi interview:

Q: You haven't done very well in the GSL so far, why is that?

I've been in a huge slump, and I still am

Q: NesTea, his team has a lot of success, what are you going to do to regain your spot over NesTea?

(laughs) The only reason NesTea didn't do so well in SC1 was because he concentrated more on 2v2 than 1v1 in StarCraft 1, but now it's all 1v1, and he's really good at it. I need to work harder.

10:39 - Brilliant placement of banelings in the middle of the map, burrowed, and seconds later a marine army going for a walk gets an unpleasant surprise, and BOOM! Shortly thereafter, Junwi attacked, and TankBoy had to GG, 2-0 for Junwi, taking the series without any problems.


10:37 - TankBoy moving out with two medivacs fully loaded with marines, drops them in the main next to the third base of Zerg, engaging the hatchery, zerglings are there, the only two banelings there did not do enough damage, though the zergligs did, and forced TankBoy to retreat.

10:36 - TankBoy engaging the third-base, banelings incoming along with zerglings, and manages to clean up the army, but TankBoy did manage to kill a queen and a few units, but not enough to catch up with the three-base zerg who's now making the spire.

10:33 - Tankboy putting on some pressure sending out a few marines, wins the battle against the zerglings in the middle.

The zerg's expansion is up and running, and Junwi is actually taking his third base now, while TankBoy is landing his command center at his second base.

10:28 - TankBoy vs Junwi - Shakuras Plateau - Game 2 (Code A)

Cross positions on Shakuras Plateau, Junwi in the bottom right as the blue Zerg, TankBoy in the top left as the red Terran.

10:28 - TankBoy moves out, but doesn't get far until his whole army explodes into green acid from the banelings rolling in, and GG from TankBoy, 1-0 for Junwi.

10:26 - Junwi is actaully maxed at the moment, TankBoy at 120 supply, waiting for a thor before he pushes out. It won't be a pretty sight for him when he decides to go though.

10:26 - A medivac drop coming up for Tankboy, but Junwi has overlords placed everywhere. At the same time the mutalisks are doing some nice harassment, almost killing a command center, and forces bad stims out of Tankboy.

10:24 - Junwi is being patient, not trying to go for the kill or anything, just sitting comfortably on his three-base vs heavily damaged two-base.

10:22 - Junwi is taking two more expansions, Tankboy moves out and kills one of the hatcheries before it finishes, Junwi counterattacks with his mutalisks, doing tons of damage, at the same time Tankboy is engaging the Zerg main, loses a lot of marines to only a few banelings.

The mutalisks have backed up now to defend the base, and here comes the banelings and zerglings, cleaning up everything, and things are suddenly looking very bad for Tankboy.

10:20 - Tankboy nicely positions the marauders to block the ramp to prevent banelings from getting to the marines, and drops some marines to try to get to the banelings, but wisely backs off when the mutas are out, and has now retreated all the way back to his base.

10:18 - Baneling nest has finished for Junwi now, and the lair is done as well. Tankboy seems to be going for bio units only, along with medivacs, could be dangerous against banelings with speed as he does not have any tanks yet.

A few banelings are being morphed in now as Tankboy is pushing into the zerg main now.

10:16 - Early aggression from Tankboy, walking freely into the zerg base with six marines and kills an overlord. The Terran went for an early expansion, got three barracks up and running, and is looking good in this game.

10:13 - TankBoy vs Junwi - Jungle Basin - Game 1 (Code A)

We have Junwi in the top right position of Jungle Basin as the blue zerg, and TankBoy in the bottom left as the red Terran. Junwi makes an expansion before his spawning pool, while Tankboy did not take any gas yet.

10:11 - Unlike yesterday, these A-class matches will be best of threes, and the first match is TankBoyPrime vs Junwi.


10:04 - We're starting out with the Code A matches of today including TankBoyPrime.WE, IMJunwi, ZeNEXcOre, and BanBansZenith.

After the Code A matches we have the S Class matches of the day with TSL_FruitDealer, IMMvp, oGsZenio, and oGsjukto.


Code S - Round of 32 - Day 2
fruitdealerGSL4.jpgKorea TSL_FruitDealer0-1mvpGSL4.jpgKorea IMMvp

ZenioGSL4.jpgKorea oGsZenio

1-0juktoGSL4.jpgKorea oGsjukto
mvpGSL4.jpgKorea IMMvp

1-0juktoGSL4.jpgKorea oGsjukto
fruitdealerGSL4.jpgKorea TSL_FruitDealer0-1ZenioGSL4.jpgKorea oGsZenio


mvpGSL4.jpgKorea IMMvp

1-0ZenioGSL4.jpgKorea oGsZenio
fruitdealerGSL4.jpgKorea FruitDealer

1-0juktoGSL4.jpgKorea oGsjukto

Code A - Round of 32 - Day 1
tankboyprime.jpgKorea TankBoyPrime.WE0-2junwi.jpgKorea IMJunwi

core.jpgKorea ZeNEXcOre0-2banbans.jpgKorea BanBans