Año Nuevo DotA Tournament 2011

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 02 January 2011 02:57
One needs to look closely, in order to find an offline DotA event in North America. The nationwide scene, which suffered a regress in late July, after the withdrawal of commentator and ambassador Mark 'MadMortigan' Dravland, has a hard time fighting its way back ever since. Traces do still exist however; an example marks this years Año Nuevo DotA Tournament in Mountain View, California!

The venue of fortune is called "Hacker Dojo" and offers space for around 16 teams. About that number marks also the expected amount of participants for the double elimination bo1 tournament.

The prize pool is quite substantial however, as the hosts gathered 1.300 USD with a cool 1.000 for the winner only. The rest is split into 100 USD each, for the winners of the side tournaments in Starcraft II, Counterstrike and Halo.

Among the better known teams, are the former US powerhouse GDT next to I Play Strength. Streaming is arranged as as well: the games will go out via, accompanied by the casts of Ian James Barnett from DotA Commentaries.

Event host Anark33 about the tournament:
The organisation has been quite an experience for us, as the event marks our first solo tourney for GAM3R5. Prior to this we did a joint SC2 tournament with Bay Area Starcraft and a lot of LAN parties, in which we played DotA among other games.

The matches are starting at 10:00 GMT +8 on the 2nd of January, so dont forget to tune in.

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