ADC reaches the playoffs!

Posted by Terrence "MrBlue" Wong at 29 December 2010 13:33
Just before the year end we get a treat from ADC as they have just announced that the playoffs will start tomorrow with the first match to be played between and SB.Gigabyte at 1300 CET

Before we take a look at the playoff brackets let use take a look at the rankings below.

ADC results
Malaysia Nirvana.MY181341430.7972
China TYJ.LGD181260420.8688
Malaysia Aeon.MUFC181260420.8256
China Nirvana.Cherry18972340.4080
Singapore XtC18864300.1936
Singapore Scythe18855290.3746
Thailand Roccat.Trust18927290.01345
Indonesia AlienwareDigi18774280.2766
Vietnam SB.Gigabyte18774280.2348
Australia LGD.AU18694270.2037
Philippines Mineski.Infinity18693270.1424
Indonesia MK18666240.0324
Korea How.Korea1839618-0.1572
Thailand Neolution18421214-0.5414
Vietnam FF.Gigabyte18261012-0.5462
New Zealand Scythe.NZ18251111-0.6785
Philippines Battlegrounds1815128-0.8400
India Team JnP1806126-0.7437
India Razer.3gp1803153-0.9852

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As you know only the top 10 teams will head into the playoffs where it will be a bubble style playoffs where the 10th placed team will take on the 9th place team. The winner then takes on 8th place and so on. So it'll be an uphill battle for the lower ranked teams to win the whole tournament.

All matches are Best of 3 until the Grand Finals which will be Best of 5. Map version will be 6.69b for 10th vs 9th while the remaining will be on 6.70b(or latest stable map). and Mineski are both ranked at 10th place but due to having a better time rating over Mineski, the Australians will proceed to the playoffs.

The first playoff match will be played on 30th December 2010 at 1300 CET. So what are you waiting for place your bets now! We also got word that our favorite shoutcaster, TobiWanKenobi will be casting the action as well. So tune it at wanstop