Come With The Elder Gods

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 23 December 2010 18:24
After inactivity and words of disbandment from the classic DotA Team with the catchy name The Elder Gods, they seem to be back with a slight roster change. The new captain ComeWithMe reveals a couple of words about the team.

Can you start by telling me abit who you are, since you're new in TeG. Who is this ComeWithMe?
"I barely think I need an introduction after all these years but sure, my name is Alex C. known as "ComeWithMe" or perhaps "leCEWEME/Airwalk^Naite". I live in Bucharest, Romania obviously. I played in all the leagues this far, I guess except for the ones that are in So yes, including old IHCS even IHCS1 for a while but the activity there was so lost, just like LDCL's one. I'm also Admin of LDHL and most noticeable the Head of Vouch."

And now you're in TeG. What's the current roster and what roles are everyone playing?
"Aye, the roster consists of Freezer, S0ny, Rushmeplz GoSu and Me. Freezer is most of the time playing carry/semi-carry and he's really good at it as alot of people have noticed. S0ny is usually playing solo heroes such as Shadow Fiend, Lion etc. so in conclusion he's the soloist carry/semi-carry aswell. GoSu is our roamer who plays more gank oriented heroes but support aswell followed by Rushmeplz who's our permanent supporter and which is great, very known for his strong Chen. And finally it's me filling the all-rounder spot."

Are you liking the team so far? Practice scrims going good?
"Yeah, its pretty good and I think we're doing well for a start but still there's a long way to go, we still haven't found our greatest potential yet and I think we need to practice more for that so I guess we just need to scrim more and afk less :D"

Is the roster stable now or just temporary, you think?
"People joining TeG was never temporary, everytime TeG had a new roster they worked on their playstyle to make it at its best and kept playing until things got bad by themself; chemistry, attitude and so on. So in this case in my opinion it's stable, people always have issues but surpassing them is what makes them strong!"

What tournaments will you be participating in?
"Well, at the moment since I joined TeG we have recieved an invitation to WDC but due to recent roster changes we decided not to waste their money since we didn't even practice more than few games when that came out but we're active in DotA-League Pick League Div1 and playing in Intel Challenge Supercup. And as for the future, anything that we can play!"

Sounds promising, what have the TeG guys been up to since ESWC? That was pretty much the last we saw of them together.
"They haven't been playing much as Coco left recently just after the game with Asmerald playing Alchemist and the "Phone Call Issue" so he teamed up with me forming mTT - the winner team of Balkan-League 2nd edition. But before we took it to an end S0ny asked me if I would like to play with them instead of playing with mTT. We didn't have a stable line-up, we were just 4 and TeG seemed in my point of view like the best option at the moment. So I told him that I would give it a try and that's how it all started, we played LDHL and LDCL together and all went awesome so we scrimmed for a while and I told him that I'd join if he would take GoSu as fifth since they were only 3 and he agreed. In fact I don't even think they did play after ESWC except pub but all that changed when i joined them."

Where will Coco go now then?
"As far as I know he is going to join sTurtle with his old mate Ly0n and co sTurtle players."

Yeah, that was my guess. What is your opinion about the playstyle now, with still trilanes being the way to play and so on?
"It's not bad at all but it gets boring after a while and it disables heroes like Sandking and few more who depends on early level alot but simply not resonable enough to put them as solo and the trilanes are working better than dual lanes in most of the cases. The only way you can go for a 2-2-1 scheme is when you have a solo hero against their trilane and putting dual lanes against soloing heroes to dominate but the saddest thing is that there are heroes in DotA that can simply break a dual-lane easily and make it not worthwhile. Still I bet everyone hopes for a more drastic change aswell as I do and I'm looking forward to see a more ganking oriented version for the sake of fun!"

What do you think about the coming Dota 2?
"Its going to be LEGENDARY as everyone probably hopes, its going to be something that will be recognized worldwide and I bet we'll see WCG, Arbalet etc. for DotA too."

Yep, and it's going to stabilize European DotA hopefully, with proper sponsors and such. So think TeG got any chance eventually against the chinese teams?
"With more practice and teamplay I think so, yes!"
Usually that's what it takes. I always ask people this, but favorite hero in Dota?
"I don't think I exactly have any kind of favorite hero but I like alot of heroes, mostly flexible ones like PotM, Shadow Fiend, Invoker etc."

Okay, I think that was all for now. Thanks for the time, any shoutouts?
"Shoutout to my best friend raGE in the first place and you + gosugamers crew which is doing a great job, for my teammates and all the TeG fans, we'll try to not disappoint you in upcoming matches!"

Current roster of The Elder Gods
Romania ComeWithMe
Romania RMP
Romania s0ny
Romania Freezer
Romania GoSu