iCCup ClanLeague Championship Finals are over

Posted by Marius "LML" Zächer 3 years, 52 weeks ago
Yesterday the iCCup ClanLeague Championship Finals were played and the two teams fighting for this season's title were no others than LRM) and iFU.

It was time, yet again, for the iCCup ClanLeague to crown a winner of the latest season, and yesterday was the day to do so.
At 17CET sharp the spanish based LRM) Evolutions was suppossed to meet the team iFU., which got russian roots, and put their line up and send it into fight.
The clash was streamed live by iCCup.Sayle and was also commentated by him, and some other admins from the iCCup crew.

The clanwar was a pretty clear win for LRM) Evolutions, considering the ending score of four to one and a total score of eight to three.
See the individual matches below.

LRM) Evolutions 4-1. iFU.

If you want a shot at the title with your team, but are yet to join the iCCup ClanLeague, make sure to register for the next season on their website's forum! A link to the according thread is to be found below.

Links - Draw and replays - Register for next season
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