Germany re-arms with a new team

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 12 December 2010 23:34

After knowing and playing with each other for up to 5 years, several known talents around Kevin "Kev" Stegemann decided to team up for next years DotA events.

ze Germans
Germany Kev- (C)
Germany rmN-
Germany Alex-
Germany Arya
Germany Leaf
Germany Fire
Ze Germans (zG) will serve as name involving the gankers Kev- and Fire, the supporters Alex- and Leaf and the semi carriers rmN and Arya, whereas rmN's role may extend to heroes of other categories as well. The team will take over for the disbanded LAN in the upcoming season of Pick League, as well as FARM4FAME and Intel Challenge: SuperCup, next year. If the constant IHL training is enough to challenge the best of Europe remains to be seen; the potential is there however.