Intel Challenge: SuperCup

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 01 December 2010 16:20
With rather low activity in the European scene, suddenly both Pick-League and Farm4Fame announces new seasons. In addition to that, something called Intel Challenge: SuperCup announces it's launch aswell. There will be 16 high tier teams from Europe competing online.

First group stage will blast off on Monday, December 6 already. Four groups with four teams each, matches will be best of 2. Each partial victory gives 3 points. In other words, if a team manages to grab victories in both games, it will be rewarded with 6 points. In a case of a draw, there will be 3 points awaiting each team. After the initial group stage, half the teams will make it into next group phase. Four teams will reach the single elimination playoff.

First place 1000 Euro
Second place 600 Euro
Third Place place 400 Euro

List of invited teams
Ukraine DTS Europe Czech Republic Vanity France Virus
Ukraine Na`Vi Denmark MYM Romania sTurtle Germany SkyGaming
Russia Max1 Germany EDTN France BLAST Denmark NE
Europe NWO Germany cG|DPP Sweden Fearz Serbia Annie

Tournament referee: Vitaliy 'v1lat' Volochay
Teams have to message v1lat to confirm their participation on December 5th at the latest.

Cyberarena - source