KPGA Pro League

Posted by "iop" at 29 June 2003 21:09

The first games in this week of KPGA Team League was played between Team GO and Team IS:

ForU(GO) > Mumyung(IS)NeoBifrost Breeze & Eliza(IS) > IntoTheRain & ForU(GO)Huntress Breeze[Akuta](IS) < Nal_Ra(GO)NostalgiaGO 2 : 1 IS

Now for Hanbit versus KTF:

Silent_Control(hanbit) > Nada(KTF)Gaema GowonReach & HOT(Hanbit) > Autumn & Yellow(KTF)Huntress Reach(Hanbit) > Love[30.D.O.M](KTF)GuillotineHanbit 3 : 0 KTF
Something I found very interesting was that Silent_Control managed to beat Nada and also in the KTF against Hanbit games, Yellow picked random for some strange reason.

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