Interview with an AngeL

Posted by V "iki" V at 15 November 2010 13:20
AngeL and Miggel

A while ago, conducted an interview with Martin 'AngeL' Olsen, who played for renown teams like MYM or DDT (now LOST.EU). After leaving DDT and forming 'Faxe Kondi', a new team which didn't work out in the end, AngeL went missing from the DotA scene. A glimpse of the interview in an attempt to find out what happened is provided for you.

His whereabouts
The rummors are saying that you are currently playing LoL, is that true and if yes what made you play LoL instead of DotA?
-"Lately I've been playing abit of LoL thats true, the main reason was because 'miggel' and I wanted to try play something new, and a 100k Dollars tournament was announced to come - so why not give it a shot? Then we've been really lucky joining up with some cool swedish guys!"

What made you stop playing DotA, right after you and miGGel left DDT you formed Faxe|Kondi but what happened then?
-"Since Crocodile went missing a long time ago, we weren't 5 players, which made us try out LoL."

Return to the DotA scene?
Are you going to come back to DotA and form a team, or maybe join some team?
-"When I will come back to DotA, I will definitely make my own team, hopefully more successful then Faxe Kondi *smiles*"

About Dota2
I expect that you have heard about DotA2, if you read news about it, could you tell us what are your opinions about DotA 2? Will it be better then DotA?
-"I think it will be the best game ever made, I cant wait for it to get released! I hope everybody from Dota/Hon/(LoL maybe) will gather under Icefrog once again, and support DotA 2."

While AngeL announces his return and hopes the DotA community will be reunited again, ask us this question: Will Dota2 be a rebirth? The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of an AngeL. Follow the rest of the interview Here.

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