Go4SC2 #53: MaDFroG on Top as ClouD takes the €200

Posted by Lasse "Enron" Engen at 08 November 2010 15:23
The 53rd edition of Go4SC2 Cup finished with ClouD as the victor with a 3-2 score over Ukrainian Strelok. MaDFroG leads rankings with third place, and Draco returns.

Go4SC2 #53 - Sunday
Round of 16
Bulgaria Splendour<Poland Slider
France MoMaN<Italy ClouD
Sweden MaDFroG>Poland MaNa
Poland choBo<France FremAN
Germany inuh>Russia control.980
Poland Tefel>Hungary Purple
Poland DieStar<Poland Draco
Portugal sYz<Ukraine Strelok
Quarter finals
Poland Slider0-2Italy ClouD
Sweden MaDFroG2-1France FremAN
Poland Tefel2-0Germany inuh
Poland Draco1-2Ukraine Strelok
Semi finals
Sweden MaDFroG0-2Italy ClouD
Poland Tefel1-2Ukraine Strelok
Bronze final
Poland Tefel0-2Sweden MaDFroG
Grand final
Italy ClouD3-2Ukraine Strelok
Draco Returns

An interesting tournament took place on Sunday, November 7th as Draco made it all the way to the quarter finals, where he was beaten by the tournament winner Strelok. Earlier in the tournament, Draco managed to take down Mardow in the round of 64, and pulled out a victory against Polish companion DieStar in the round of 16.

MaDFroG Aiming for Monthly finals

MaDFroG managed to take second place in the Go4SC2 #52 on the previous Wednesday, losing 3-1 in the grand final to Kas. However, adding his third place victory against Polish Tefel in the bronze final, MaDFroG now looks poised to grab a spot in the Monthly finals of November. On his way to third place, MaDFroG managed to take down White-Ra in the round of 32.

The Swedish Zerg is one of the few with more than a thousand wins on the ladder, and can proudly flaunt his Kerrigan portrait on

ClouD Won

In the end ClouD took the top spot, €200 euros and had 100 points added to his monthly rankings after defeating Strelok 3-2 in the grand final. ClouD is now in second place on the monthly rankings with 100 points, with only MaDFroG above him with 120 points.

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