RGC Controversy: Mooseman, Maelk, Mania speak out

Posted by "heikki" at 05 November 2010 09:50
In wake of the controversial November 4th matches between Meet Your Makers and, RGC head administrator Mooseman, MYM captain Maelk, and MYM veteran Mania gave statements to shed light on the 'hacker' situation.

RGC's Mooseman gave GosuGamers an omnibus statement addressing both the WTV/GG-TV issues the league has been having, as well as RGC's official position on the MYM/ situation. In his statement, Mooseman explained the league's decision to make null the results of the second game in the series and also announced that the remaining matches between the teams will be played secretly and without broadcast. The RGC head admin briefly touched on the recent criticisms the league has been receiving in regards to the WTV/GG-TV issue.

Meet Your Makers Maelk gave his statement yesterday. The team captain revealed the nature of the attacks that had been aimed at his team and made clear the reasoning behind the actions his team took during the series.

MYM's long-time ganker Mania expressed his opinion on the forums and provided insight on the motives of the hacker.

Statement from Mooseman:
The situation was unfair for both teams; we had to call 1:0 in favour of Nirvana
-"Since GarenaTV and WTV were very unstable in the last days, we set up a videostream to at least provide a proper broadcast of the RGC semifinals. One WC3 obs slot had to be taken by HolyMaster who was doing the videostream and one by syndereN who was casting the match that was to be viewed since both streaming providers (WTV / GGTV) bailed on us. I have received several hate notes and queries by people being angry at us because of this. To get this off our backs: "When WTV and GarenaTV do not work it is NOT our fault!"

Regarding the MeetYourMakers vs. Nirvana China match, we have already heard of a possible threat from a "hacker" wanting to sabotage the semifinal match between MYM and But these sort of threats had to be seen as "Dogs that bark donĀ“t bite", so we decided to keep the match announced in public and let the teams play.

Since the situation was unusual with Maelk and Misery lagging in the first game a few times, but yet stating it was ok to play on, we let them play. In the second game the lags ocurred much more often and not only for Maelk and Misery, but also for Demon quite heavily.

The following matches will be played secretly and will not be broadcasted live
With the "hacker" in mind plus the unusual amount of lags by the MYM players - this caused us to decide upon a win in favor of Nirvana for the first match, but revoking the second one because it remains unclear what happened to the MYM players. It was definitely clear that MYM was playing under extremly bad conditions. This is of course a big loss for Nirvana but the situation was unfair for both teams, so we had to decide for a fair and even call: 1:0 in favor of Nirvana. We hope that both teams are sporting about it and accept our decision. One round is not deciding over the outcome of this Bo5 match yet!

The following matches will be played secretly - we apologize for not broadcasting them live. We will provide the replays and re-casted videos!"

Maelk's statement from myMYM:
-"After the match against Nirvana.China in the Razer Global Challenge tonight and the unfortunate circumstances it brought with it, I think it's only fair the public knows some of the details overshadowing the games.

We were victimized by DDoS attacks
In the first game both MiSeRy and myself was being victimized of what I can only describe as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). This meant that we suffered from outrageous high delay and massive spiking whenever any action in the game occured.

In the second game, both MiSeRy and I thought we might prevent further harm being done to the team thus MaNia and LacostE took over for us. We did not know that they would Roshan, nor did we in the remake - They could still have done it and we wouldn't have known. The replacements was all in vain however, as both PusH, MaNia and later on DeMoN were all attacked as well.

We did not know they would Roshan, nor would we have known in the remake
We, the team, have known about this risk for a week now and been warned on various occasions about letting specifically MiSeRy play. We won't be terrorized like that though, so we decided to try and play it anyways.

I can deny all rumors about any Chinese being involved. I cannot stress this enough: This is not an attack from anyone affiliated with nor China itself. This is coming from within Europe. We are currently looking into legal ways of pursuing the perpetrator.

Concerning the match it has been discussed whether or not the result should count and the Razer Global Challenge and its' admins offered us to cancel the second game, as we felt the first game would have gone in's favor and that they would have won had it been on fair terms.

Please put aside all the racial slurs and controversies over lag
I hope this can shed some light on the matter and I sincerely ask of the community to put aside all the racial slurs and controversies over lag; Yes, we lagged. No, it wasn't the bots' fault.

Hopefully we can finish an otherwise very succesful tournament in a good manner and show some great games."

Mania on GosuGamers forums:
-"While we were playing, the hacker was talking to Kuroky and telling him exactly when he was gonna DDoS us, which made Kuroky flame him. Now he said he will take it out on the whole RGC tournament, so even if goes vs NWO in the finale you will again see the hacker (some guy named AEROX) destroy the grandfinale for you.

Even if plays NWO in the finale you will again see the hacker
To be honest I really dont care about 2-0 or 1-0 because this game is no longer fun to play. I do it as my hobby and not because i want to make money on it. Reading all the comments in this thread really shows me the lack of heart. I know [everyone is] heated and write stuff because [they] are fans.

Its extremely hard to protect yourself against a DDoS-attack, and a simple firewall doesnt work (I have one).

Reason to why we played 2nd game was because the hacker had said he would only target MiSeRy, because of some trouble with him in the past. He asked to be LOST's manager, but after MiSeRy didn't want him as their manager, he then told misery that he would get his revenge.

If you want proof of him hacking us, then sure we have tons of chatlog of him telling exactly what he is going to do. He loves the attention it is giving him, and hes feeling invincible at the moment.

We played 2nd game because the hacker said he would only target MiSeRy
By the way DDoS doesnt only give you high ping, it makes your screen freeze for 10-20 seconds at the time.

Thanks to those guys out there who actually know what DDoS is and that supported us through this, I've never experience such hate from the community before, but you most really be furious on us for being targeted by some crazy kid. "

Mania posted a chatlog that took place prior to the RGC match, during a practice session with NWO wherein the hacker dropped MiSeRy:

The Razer Global Challenge will conclude this Sunday with the winner of the vs MYM series moving on to face NWO in the grand finals. The loser of the series will face youBoat for the third-place prize.

Stay tuned to GosuGamers as we continue to bring you updates on RGC and the 'hacker' situation as it develops.

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