Na'Vi to sponsor new Ukrainian DotA team

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 23 October 2010 00:53
Just when GosuGamers announced the plans for Na'Vi acquiring a DotA squad, it is announced that players known from DTS.Chatrix, Excello, Planet-X and WG will unite into Na'Vi.DotA.

Go[blin] and Axypa have both played in DTS.Chatrix. Deff-, MAg~ and XBOCT have been seen playing in the European Elite DotA League together.

After the World E-Sports Masters 2010 event, the organization will reveal their StarCraft 2 acquisitons.

Na'Vi DotA
Kostenko "Go[Blin]" Arthur
Alexander "XBOCT" Dasjkevitj
Andrew "Mag~" Chipenko
Alexander "Deff-" Stepaniuc
Bogdan "Axypa" Boychuk

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