The Emperor's Transition to StarCraft 2

Posted by Lasse "Enron" Engen at 10 October 2010 15:27
The Emperor confirms his transition to StarCraft 2 and will participate in the GSL 2010 Open Season 2. Boxer's contract with SKT T1 ended on the 31st of August, and he's now looking for new ways to satisfy his fans.

slayersboxer.jpgLim Yo Hwan had some good conditions in SKT T1, the team would allow him to play whenever he wanted hence his bad results, but Boxer's duty was also to think about what was best for the team.

I have a duty to enthuse my fans as a progamer, and I don't want to disappoint them like I did when I finished my military duties. I will now follow my dream

He made the decision about transitioning to StarCraft 2 a long time ago, and by entering the GSL 2010 Open Season 2 he is looking for new challenges to fulfill his dreams, and is hoping to be one of the pioneers in StarCraft 2.

With this new starting point I will try my very best - there will be disappointments, but I still want you to cheer for me and others with the same goals. The new start has put great strengths on my mind.

The terran mastermind is returning his pro-gamer licence and is moving onto StarCraft 2. You can already find games of him playing names such as Jinro and TheLittleOne.

- REPLAY: See Boxer vs. TLO, both fans of each other, battle it out on Delta Quadrant

Lim Yo Hwan defines this as his chance to fulfill his dream as a 30's pro-gamer, and he's already climbing the ladder rankings with his ManofOneway and Slayer accounts on respective third and fourth place according to

- VODs: See Boxer vs. Jinro casted by Husky

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