NVIDIA GosuGamers KOTH #5: SjoW - DarK.FoRcE

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand 4 years, 11 weeks ago

After another win last weekend for our King of the Hill Jeffrey "SjoW" Brusi, we have another challenger lined up. The German Zerg player Jonathan "DarK.FoRcE" Belke climbs up the hill with an attempt to knock down our champion.

For SjoW it is best to hope that he has not gone soft after his two weeks as King of the Hill, as we throw at him the German Zerg player from ALTERNATE aTTaX.

DarK.FoRcE has proved himself in recent ZOTAC events as well as a solid performance in the German ESL Pro Series, taking scalps from players as DeMusliM, And3ad, iNSoLeNCE and Miou.

Make sure to tune in to GosuTV LIVE at 18:00 CET on Friday, October 8 for this battle.

Game 1: Xel’Naga Caverns
Game 2: Metalopolis
Game 3: Steppes of War
Game 4: Kulas Ravine
Game 5: Blistering Sands
Game 6: Delta Quadrant
Game 7: Lost Temple

SjoW's achievements
1st Undeniably Gamer #6 | 75$
3rd/4th Altitude TL US Open #1 | 25$
3rd place EPS Sweden Qualifications
Winner of GosuGamers nVidia King of the Hill #3 | 100€
Winner of GosuGamers nVidia King of the Hill #4 | 100€
1st place EU CraftCup #6 | 100$
2nd place Go4SC2 Cup #37
2nd place ESL Viking Cup #10
5th place MLG Raleigh 2010 | 500$
1st place Competo Cup #3 | 50€ / 550W PSU by XILENCE
1st place GosuCup US Qualifier #2
1st place ZOTAC Cup #19 | 100€
1st place ESL Viking Cup #8 | 50€
3rd place ESL Viking Cup #7
2nd place ESL Viking Cup #6
1st place ZOTAC Cup #17 | 100€
1st place IOL Cup #1 | 700€ / Philips 42" TV
2nd place ESL Viking Cup #5 (BETA)

DarK.FoRcE's achievements
2nd place ZOTAC Cup #22
2nd place Go4SC2 Cup #15 (BETA)
3rd place Go4SC2 Cup #13 (BETA)
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