Version 6.69 nearing release

Posted by "heikki" at 04 October 2010 13:58
In his latest blog post on, Icefrog announced that the new map version of Defense of the Ancient will arrive within the next few weeks.

Icefrog's planned release date will preempt the upcoming SMM and WDC tournaments by a good margin, as he revealed that the version will arrive within the next one to two weeks. According the blog post, the primary purpose of version 6.69 will be balance and gameplay improvements, while new content will follow in version 6.70.

This impending release date appears to be later than originally planned, as Icefrog in his blog states that the development of this particular iteration of DotA had taken him longer than expected.

From Icefrog's blog:
The update is nearing completion. It took a little longer than anticipated, but it should be ready soon. The primary focus of this patch is to provide overall balance and gameplay improvements, while the follow-up content for 6.70 is still being developed. Of course you can still expect the traditional .x9 quest to be included!

I plan to release this within a week or two to provide some time before the start of some big tournaments in the following months.

Let us know your predictions and expectations for 6.69; e.g. which heroes should be nerfed, buffed, tweaked, and if you think the upcoming tournaments should adopt the new version.

Playdota - Icefrog's blog