Iranian Elite DotA Tour

Posted by V "iki" V at 01 October 2010 06:28
AnubiA in partnership with iw3cup announced yesterday the 'Iranian Elite Tour'. All matches will be broadcasted on GarenaTV.

Sixteen teams in total will be participating in best of three matches for the qualifying rounds and a best of five for the final. Among them are team Iran [ReborN] which managed to display a decent performance at ESWC 2010 and team Iran Xonce which a few days earlier participated at WDC Asia but could not perform at their best due to some latency issues. The brackets and prizes are as shown :

Iranian Elite Tour
Prize Distribution
First Place$ 500
Second Place$ 250
Third Place$ 75
Iranian Elite Tour
Iran Immortal.h vsIran aGs
Iran Death Home vsIran TFD
Iran Anar vsIran Xonce
Iran Patriots vsIran VIP
Iran BTW vsIran Reborn
Iran CY vsIran Unknown
Iran 3PL vsIran Q^C
Iran IZ vsIran W.L

AnubiA - Source