Four European teams invited to WDC

Posted by Adrian "la_dotta" Lai at 20 September 2010 20:19
Four of the very best European teams have been officially invited to play in the offline finals of the World DotA Cup (WDC) that will be held in WuHan, China.

Instead of having to battle their way through an online America/Europe qualifying campaign, these select few squads were given the luxury of immediate qualification based on their past achievements and their current status as top-tier professional DotA teams.

The European teams which have been granted auto-berths are:

Ukraine DTS
Denmark MYM
Europe NWO (unconfirmed)

Recently, eight other Asian teams were also invited to participate in the inaugural event. Meanwhile, two Chinese Qualifiers are currently underway while the Asian Qualifier is set to begin in the coming days.

Besides the prestigious SMM Grand National DotA Tournament, WDC is currently the biggest DotA competition in existence, offering a total of 300,000 RMB (~ 35,000 Euro) in cash prizes.

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