Interview with Mania

Posted by V "iki" V at 16 September 2010 17:42
Dota Razer Global Challenge (RGC) at recently carried out an interview with Meet Your Makers' MaNia.

maniar.jpgA wide range of questions was asked by and its community; from the first hero MaNia ever played with in DotA to how he would conceive a DotA tournament.
Quote: "I would host a -cm tournament with an online qualifier for the different regions, which allows 2 teams from each region to play in the offline finals. There would be some shortlisted teams who are pre-qualified, so the online qualifier would only be for unknown teams to get a chance to participate in the offline LAN event. I would give 50,000 dollars to first. 25,000 second and 12,500 for third. I would call it “World Cup DOTA”.

A noteworthy topic MaNia addressed was his views on the development of Asian and European teams. He said that they are both getting better over the years and thinks that any one of them could beat the other on any given day. He expressed his discomfort with the Asia vs Europe issue and said that he would "rather have that everyone just come together and help each other to grow as players and team."

Follow the rest of the interview Here.

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