The Retry disqualified from MYM PriDe

Posted by Terrence "MrBlue" Wong at 15 September 2010 10:37
Despite winning LGD.sGty in a clear cut 2-0 in the quarter of MYM PriDe, the tournament admins have decided to disqualify The Retry allowing LGD.sGty to proceed to the semi-finals. Reason behind the disqualification is due to TR's unsportsmanship behaviour.

[All] (AmsiWildLion) SUCK
[All] (AmsiWildLion) FUCKING
[All] (AmsiWildLion) BITCHES
[All] (TR^SmiLe) y
[All] (TR^SmiLe) nice
[All] (TR^pggshka) OK
[All] (TR^SmiLe) closed
[All] (TR^SmiLe) sry
[All] (AmsiWildLion) GO HOME
[All] (AmsiWildLion) BITCHES
[All] (AmsiWildLion) CARRY

As one can see, The Retry was disqualified due to the players disrespecting their opponents by typing profanities in Russian. MYM PriDe rules state that players must "Act mature and mannered both in-game and in the chat channels. Offending the administration and/or participants of this tournament will result in punishments and might lead to a complete ban from the tournament and/or website."

The team has the following to say regarding the issue.
Statement from PGG:
-"In yesterday's match against LGD.sGty, I behaved improperly towards the opposing team. This was not done intentionally, but emotionally. I'm sorry for what I said. As team captain, I promise that from now on this situation will not happen again."

Statement from Amsi:
-"My behavior yesterday was unmannered. I behaved like a fool and I apologize to the team LGD.sGty for what I said yesterday. I feel guilty and give my word that this situation will not reoccur again."

Thus the decision has been made to disqualify The Retry from MYM PriDe despite their clear 2-0 win over LGD.sGty.

LGD.sGty will now take on MCiTY in the semi-finals.

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